Banana pi m3+ 5" touch screen...white screen


I have a problem with 5 "screen. After connecting the power cable and HDMI displays only a white screen. Has anyone had a similar problem?

That looka a lot like what I get on my 7" LCD screen attached to the MIPI-DSI.

I found the solution here,

By setting hdmi_cts_compatibility = 1 with sunxi-tools.

  1. Convert script.bin to script.fex with sunxi-fexc command.
  2. Edit the script.fex file. 3 Convert script.fex back to script.bin

However, I cannot change display size to match my screen, 800x480.

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately, everything is unchanged.:confused:

I don’t sure, why you set screen0_output_mode to 10. For my 5" screen, it’s resolution is 800x480. Then, the nearest output mode should be 5 or 2. (I use 2) See the Flex Guide at

Where have you bought his screen? you can send me your file script.bin?

I bought it from 52Pi shop.

Here is my script.bin script.bin (54.1 KB) and script.fex script.fex (27.2 KB)

My screen bought from this seller, we have the same screens. Do I need to change only script.bin?

Still it does not work on HDMI, even with your file script.bin :(. White screen with colored lines

Today, I got another display model.

When I replace the previouse work display, it show white screen like you.

First, I found that the HDMI connector is very hard to put in. So, the signal may not send or strong enough. I had put in to the deep end. Then, it show me some shadow of screen. I think, the signal was corrected. It work after reboot.

Second, I move it to another board and supply the power from the USB port on the board. When I switch on, it look like a short circuit, the screen still white. I think, the screen consume much power at the initial time, if the power is not enough, it cannot initialize and then, not work. So, I try to power it with external adapter. Then, it work.

How do I buy a power supply to the screen? what power?

Hi, Do you have experience with Waveshare 5inch HDMI (B) ver1.1 LCD? I have the similar white screen with the BPI M3. Is it possible to use them together? (And, of course, how?) Thanks.

Hi, i have the same problem, m3+official 7"screen, ubuntu or android, whit lines on black screen. Have anyone an idea, what todo? Thanks, daniel

Thanks for the script.bin :slight_smile: fixed my screen