Banana Pi M2+ Support for audio codec on I2S PIN

I want to connect external audio codec on I2S PIN available on 40 PIN header. I have downloaded Aarmbian 5.59 Ubuntu image. Please guide me, all what changes in the kernel I need to do to able to make audio codec work by connecting to I2S PIN in BPI M2+.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Start with manual which describes enabling disabling hw functions

and perhaps use search for examples

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I forgot to mention that you can manipulate hw functions directly from armbian-config -> system

Hi, thanks for your reply. I couldn’t find any settings for I2S device configuration in armbian-config. I want to connect a voice modem which uses PCM interface for data communication. I tried this with raspberry pi before by writing a simple DAI driver and DT overlay file. Since the BPI M2+ Is cost effective I would like to use BPIM2+ for my project. I will try to go through the manuals and example as you mentioned in the link Any help will be highly apricated.

Regards Ranjit

armbian-config -> system -> hardware functions … you can enable or disable overlays for I2C, UARTs, … and I am almost sure we have I2S there as well. For 3rd party devices which you are going to stick to I2S bus, that you need to DIY.

Hi, thanks for your valuable input. I could enable the I2S functionality via fex file and tested both playback and capture functionality. In case of capture with 32bit sample size, captured data is completely noisy. I tried to connect simple mems MIC ICS43432 and recorded using “arecord” as below command arecord -Dhw:0 -c2 -r48000 -fS32_LE -twav -d10 -Vstereo test.wav I could only hear noise. Is there any limitation on sample size? I tired with 32 bit sample size. Please give your feedback.

Aha, you are using old 3.4.y kernel, there you need to set this in FEX file … I am sorry, don’t have that deep experiences. But look around … limitations are probably the same on all Allwinner boards. Type: i2s or i2s banana in here: