Banana Pi M2+ Booting issue

So recently I reactivated my Banana Pi Mi2+ V1.1

I flashed “2020-04-28-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-bpi-m2z-sd-emmc” on a SanDisk Card (32Gig) with the Files from the Google Drive.

When I boot it, the Led is blinking red in a certain rythm (2x fast, then small pause, like a Heartbeat). On a Display I see the Banana Pi Boot Logo with certain things happening afterwards (I am guessing its booting).

Usually it gets stuck at "random: udevadm: uninitialized urandom read (16 bytes read, 1 bits of entropy available) "

or “Cpu Budget hotplug: cluster0 min:0 max:4”

After ~50 Seconds it reboots to the same issue.

As a Power Supply I use the Micro USB slot with power coming from my Laptop USB port. I have no other power supply right now to try (I dont have the fitting pin for the onboard 5v plug).

Is this Issue because of insufficient power supply or is there another Issue?

Almost certainly.

You can also double check with alternative OS, which have completely different software