Banana Pi M2 Berry with LeMaker 5 inch screen

Hello everyone,

I recently bought two BPI M2 Berry’s with LeMakers 5inch LCD (it was advertised together)…

Like many others, I did not realize that the new Banana Pi’s are no longer made by LeMaker and are their screens are not really meant to work with them. I specifically read that the LeMaker 7in uses LDVS, whereas the BPI 7 inch uses parallel RGB.

I also read that the 5 inch both use parallel RGB so theoretically, it should be possible to use, but the screen stays black. I used both the 5in LCD images for Android and Ubuntu. The booting LED comes on green solid for Android, and green blinking for Ubuntu.

Does anyone know if the images can be modified (and what needs to be done) to make the LCDs work?



Has anyone used a 5 inch screen with the M2 Berry? If so which one? Even on the BPI store, I can only see 7 inch screens.