Banana Pi M1 Plus case design files

Hi dear all I have designed final case for Banana Pi M1+.

The files are attached.

detal1_1x.dxf (204.5 KB)

detal2_1x.dxf (205.6 KB)

detal3_1_3x.dxf (204.3 KB)

detal3_2_3x.dxf (202.8 KB)

detal3_3_3x.dxf (203.1 KB)

detal4_3x.dxf (204.9 KB)

detal5_1x.dxf (204.9 KB)

top_bottom.dxf (210.2 KB)


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I have problem with add zip archive in forum with files, please solve it or give me access to resolve that problem. @BananaPi