Banana Pi M1 - Case for 2,5 inch ssd

Hi I want to build a cheap webserver for only 200 users, who will bareley connect more then twice a month. But the amount of data is nevertheless huge. I want to connect a cheap ssd with sata to the banana pi m1, which should also host the OS. I’ve made the experience, that SD-OS is a lot smaller then SSD-OS connected with SATA.

It is a small sports club with owncloud, joomla, and club management software, which is mysql-based. It will also be used as a backup-server for rsync to a connected 5 TB USB-HDD over night.

I already have this in use twice. But I cannot find the acrylic case I bought. I am not talking about the acrylic case for the banana pro which includes a space beneath for a 2,5 inch ssd/hdd. I want that one for the banana pi m1, or is there no difference? Thank you in advance

with kind regards