Banana Pi M1 - CAN bus


I want to use the CAN bus on my Banana Pi M1 running Raspbian from

I tried this: [Bananian] Tutorial: How to use CAN BUS on BananaPi with Bananian Using the linux headers from here (“uname -r” gave kernel version: 3.4.108):

Is there something I should do differently? Is there a reason why it is not compiled and enabled by default?

Thanks for the help in advance!

you can see here:


hope can help you.

That was not really helpful. But thanks. These are tutorials for Bananian. I need the linux-headers for RASPBIAN. Where can I get them?

I got the OS from your page: Can I get the correct linux-headers, please?

And why is the CAN bus not enabled by default, if you advertise the bus system???