Banana Pi Image Recommendation

New BPI user here. :grinning: Anybody have any suggestions on what Image to put on an M3 or does anybody know what the best one to use is?

I have an orange pi with Armbian. I like Armbian. So far I have tried Ubuntu 18.0.4 and Raspbian stretch on the M3. With Ubuntu I couldn’t get the filesystem to expand to the whole ssd card. So I installed Raspbian. Today I tried to upgrade from Stretch to bullseye and encountered dependency issues Now I am looking to use another image.

There is no official support for M3 but images are here and you can always build whatever variant.

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I ended up putting Raspbian stretch back on it but if anybody uses a different image that is better please let me know.

Also, is their a stable image for Raspbian bullseye that anybody knows of?

Armbian is a lot better even without official support. This only means you are on your own - without help of Armbian staff (unless you need commercial support). As you are on your own in case of Raspbian too.