Banana Pi CPU Temperature emergency?

Hi, i have been copying about 400GB of datas to my external HDD (now is on it system) via SATA (over FTP). But i have got one small problem, banana pi stopped responding to everything and it only lights (not flashing) red and green light. Only reboot helps, so i must ask, is this some emergency in case of high temperatures of CPU? Because i have not plugged in my fan cooler, but i have sticked on CPUs heatsinks. Thanks

You need to install heat syncs and a fan. If your CPU is in a case, take the side panels off for better airflow.

to Stable use HDD you need enough power supply such as 3A+,

and you can type this command to get BPI-M3 CPU Temperature

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

if over 55, Suggest to add fan

You need a M3 with barrel connector for DC-IN since if you’re unlucky and got the first batch that used crappy Micro USB then you’re lost (Micro USB is rated 1.8A max and most USB cables are too shitty to prevent high voltage drops due to high resistance).

Installation on any Debian based OS image of RPi-Monitor is pretty simple. I provided an install script ages ago and results look like this:

And the whole problem when the board is powered through Micro USB is outlined here:

Now the good news. Since the ‘onboard SATA’ is not SATA but just the slowest USB-to-SATA bridge in the world, simply ignore it, attach an external USB disk using a good USB-to-SATA bridge and enjoy way faster speeds and less underpowering problems too.

Thanks a lot, RPi-Monito is so cool!

first I had changed Micro USB to DC4017 jack

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Where did you get that connector? I’ve been looking for that for a few other projects I’ve got going.

@tkaiser, I’d like to call a truce for now. I’m going to build a few images tonight and upload them to my dev host acct. I’m using your tutorial found here: and build a Linux Mint 17 KDE like the one I use currently. Have you tried doing this? I noticed most available images are Debian and Ubuntu based.

I’m sorry to go on holiday. and I found it in uncle technology’s ali-shop.

Hi, i am looking for a dc port to sold on my micro usb m3 board. i have looking for the shop you mentionned i wasn’t be able to found it. Could you please provide a link to the product page ?

you can contact [email protected] , let my R&D help you to change USB to DC port.