Banana pi config?


I installed a ubuntu server on banana pi m3. Do you have automatic configuration on the console for this installation? Similar to raspi-config?

thank you.

Only much much better than raspi-config ->

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Thank you Igor. but armbian not working with emmc. i tried armbian first. I encountered too many errors. These problems are perhaps easy to solve, but I’m not professional. this is forcing me.

What kind of problems? Are they gone now?

Regarding eMMC there is not supported since they changed the chip not long ago and we don’t have support (nor hw) for it in a modern kernel.

there were a few simple problems. I solved problems. no problem now.

thank you for your interest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you aware that stock image is made from (non free) Android kernels v3.4.y with dirty hacks and is dated years back and is not supported anymore, while Armbian uses a clean latest technology v4.19.y kernel which is in a far better state/quality? It is also in active development. Ofc some features are still missing and is not fully matured yet. Just a note. It’s your call.

armbian is my favorite operating system. but I should use emmc in my project. i can’t use emmc with armbian. now i am using ubuntu server, ubuntu server supports emmc usage. maybe it is possible to use emmc with armbian but i am not capable of customizing the armbian os. I don’t know enough about linux.

I don’t know English, so I’m having trouble explaining my problems. I am sorry for this. thanks for your advice and support.