Banana Pi BPI-Wifi6 Mini Router design with Triductor TR6560 + TR5220 wifi SOC, same size as BPI-R3 Mini

Banana Pi BPI-Wifi6 Mini Router design with Triductor TR6560 + TR5220 wifi SOC, it is a standard wifi6 router solution,Mini size same as BPI-R3 Mini, Low cost . are you like it ???

same size as Banana Pi BPI-R3 Mini - Banana Pi Wiki and can shared housing

Hardware design same as Banana Pi BPI-Wifi6 Router - Banana Pi Wiki .

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The hardware looks fine and useful.

Any information regarding the power consumption?

And as there is a connector for a fan I assume it will need it when running in a small case, just like the R3mini, right?

Most important: Will the chip vendor provide support for this SoC and WiFi chip in upstream Linux or at least help others to do so (by making sourcecode, datasheets and firmware publicly available for developers under GPLv2 license)?

I found this Github repo

However, there is only support for old Kernel 5.10 (ie. the level of OpenWrt 21.02) and all drivers are provided as binary blobs only, so we cannot easily port to newer kernel or even just make changes to the kernel without breaking those wifi driver binaries.

A BSP containing binary kernel modules without any sourcecode is only of limited use and impossible to maintain in the long run.

To officially support boards using TR6560 and/or TR52x0 in OpenWrt we would at least need to have all drivers sources released under GPL, and needed firmware blobs published under a license allowing unconditional redistribution and sent to the linux-firmware mailing list as a contribution for inclusion in linux-firmware by the chip vendor owning the IP. Only in this way we can have maintainable open source drivers which qualify for inclusion in OpenWrt without getting anyone in legal trouble or a technical dead-end.

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In another post and in OpenWRT forum I have adviced the huge limitations of the WiFi Driver (which is closed source), more details in the issue:

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public sale: