Banana pi BPI-W2 Realtek RTD1296 open source router public sale

Banana pi BPI-W2 with Realtek RTD1296 chip design public sale

BPI-W2 front

BPI-W2 back

easy to buy sample :

aliexpress link:

taobao link:

more about BPI-W2:

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The AliExpress link is broken - is this still available or already sold out?

i test link is ok , please try again. maybe is your network issue.

Your link points to /snapshot/… and contains orderId - could it be an order confirmation page? I get a 404 from AliExpress (so no network issue) with that link.

Never mind though, I found it. It seems that the item hasn’t been indexed yet, so searching for bpi-w2 didn’t turn up any results. But it’s visible from the Banana PI store, this link worked for me:

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