Banana Pi BPI-R4 Wifi 7 Module design

No matter what I changed it would cause build to fail. Couldn’t add any drivers or anything. Atleast any changes I tried to make.

And what about a board? Q1 2024 is gone, but no news

Last state i have is this from 2 weeks ago: Banana Pi BPI-R4 BPI-BE14 Wi-Fi7 NIC module - #33 by simon

But having the module is not enough,you want driver support and this is only in downstream openwrt…no mainline support yet (no mainline compatible firmware yet)

Thanks for an answer

Little bit OT:

Which Wifi6 module works with the R4 and OpenWrt? For the time being I want to install a Wifi6 board if the 7 board is not widely available …

look in the mt76 supported boards…e.g. mt7915/mt7916 if they match your requirements, this driver is mapped into openwrt and some of them i have tested on r4 too

thanks, will look into that.

If I get mt7916 WIFI what image can I put on the device which will have the needed drivers and UI for easy router setup?

Please open new thread for this as this is for r4 wifi7 card

There was news today on X about the WIFI7 NIC:

Banana Pi BPI-R4 WIFI7 NIC 6 antenna finish all test, and will public sale soon


awesome news. i am wondering if there is a “list” that is recommended to buy, e.g. what antennas exactly (quality etc.), and if there are any things to consider when using a case (layout of the antennas and their connection to the card)

I made a remark on the “official” Wifi 7 Nic board chat:

Thanks :ok_hand:


Where can I buy it?

nowhere, its WIP. when its done, you can buy directly from sinovoip e.g. on aliexpress.

for anyone interested regarding antennas: if i understood the person from sinovoip, seems like there are special antennas required for wifi 7 which will be sold when the card comes out.

Ok, will they also work with Wifi6? Or will you need different ones?

i assume they will work with all wifi standards. otherwise, it would be useless, wouldnt it.

So there is no 14 antennas version anymore?

Afaik same state as here:

And generally for release:

Mainline driver does not support firmware we have at the moment…we need a newer wifi firmware which is compatible with mainline code.