Banana Pi BPI-R4 Router board with MediaTek MT7988A (Filogic 880) Public sale

Banana Pi BPI-R4 Router board with MediaTek MT7988A (Filogic 880) quad-core ARM Corex-A73 design ,4GB DDR4 RAM,8GB eMMC,128MB SPI-NAND flash onboard, also have 2x 10Gbe SFP, 4x Gbe network port,with USB3.2 port,M.2 support 4G/5G/NVME SSD.2x miniPCIe slots with PCIe3.0 2lane interface for Wi-Fi 7 NIC (Network Interface Card). It is a very high performance open source router development board.

*Aliexpress shop:

SINOVOIP Aliexpress shop:

Bipai Aliexpress shop:

Online wiki documents: Banana Pi BPI-R4 - Banana Pi Wiki


hi ! is there a case avalaible ?

Which hw version are you selling? Pictures show v1.0.

I understood from @frank-w there’s an v1.1 which solves an hw bug?

i have a dev board and public version should solve the this known hw bug, i’m not sure version number increases.

but recently i replaced storage on my laptop and had some troubles there…i hope i’m completely back again soon

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The MP version is V1.1, Solved the BUG of conflict I2C address between EEPROM, RTC and SFP. which is expected to be available this week.

Okay, but what is now being sold in both AliExpress stores? Stores show availability of 600+, meaning are they selling boards with the known bug? I am confused.

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Nice… as Soon as prices for the WiFi NIC are known i’ll think about it :slight_smile:

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I just received word from Sinovoip on AliExpress that they’ve updated the pictures and confirmed that it’s the v1.1 board which is on public sale.

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It appears to be unavailable/sold out on AliExpress at both links. Is it available anywhere else?

What’s the price? I’m from China and don’t have account of Aliexpress. Seems that this router is not sold in Taobao shop.

Is It possible to install a wifi card in one of the two mini pcie slots?

It should be possible but make sure sw4 is correctly set to not set 12v to pcie slots…this should be only done for the specific bpi-r4 wifi module

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I need link. Please

Just bought mine :star_struck:

Is there any information on when the WIFI 7 Card will be released?

(also the links were not working for me, I had to change them to

Do the SFP+ NICs support NTP/PTP timestamping and/or PPS input? Having access to this functionality would make it a beast for one more use-case.

Unfortunately no. I also asked MediaTek if there is a way to have 1588 supported with the in-SoC Ethernet NICs, but the answer was no.

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Both links show the item as no longer available to me. Also saying that they don’t ship to Germany, which is an issue I already know about.

Can I also order single boards from Alibaba? Or is it only for big orders? Banana Pi Bpi-r4 Router Board With Mediatek Mt7988a Filogic 880 Quad-core Arm Corex-a73 Design 4gb Ddr4 Ram 8gb Emmc 128mb Spi - Buy Banana Pi Bpi-r4 Router Board,Mediatek Mt7988a Filogic 880,Arm Corex-a73 Design 4gb Ddr4 Ram 8gb Emmc 128mb Spi Product on

Same… why can’t we buy it ? Is there another point of sale?

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Banana Pi BPI-R4 instock now.

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Thanks for the update. Unfortunately neither of the two shops (Sinovoip, Bipai) sell to Germany. Will this be possible in the future?

There are only two other shops, Mii and Chipboard, that ship to Germany, but the board costs around 20% more.