Banana pi BPI-R3 can't save anything in luci

Hello everyone, I have the following problem:

I boot and openwrt starts on I can’t save anything in luci, after the rebbot everything is in the first mode.

OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT unknown / LuCI openwrt-21.02 branch git-22.130.58625-78a8c67

All 4 jumpers are down.

Thanks for your help Andreas

Official image? Try image from…this has been discussed many times before

on there is no image for the R3 to download.

where can I get a current working image?

Greetings Andreas Screenshot%202023-01-06%20165320

The device is not yet supported by any stable release, but you can use development/nightly snapshot in the meantime:

vielen dank, ich werde es Probieren

:blush: grüße Andreas

You should write only in english :slight_smile:

I’ve tried everything, now almost nothing works. With the new image, the R3 doesn’t boot completely. ifconfig shows me it’s on I can also ping the address… but Luci doesn’t open. can someone give me a specific tip?

Think Andreas

if using the snapshot image from you have to install luci first

yes Great, I can’t do that, I’m a Linux beginner… is there no real image with Luci?

you could try if on the ip ssh answers…try to make ssh connection with putty/minicom to the ip-address. better is having debug-uart to see all whats going on and have a fallback if you break your network-stack :slight_smile:

I do everything via UART Usb Adapter. because my problem is that the images all have the address… but my Fritzbox also die192.168.1.1. I can’t change the Fritzbox addresses because otherwise I would have to change the whole network.

ok, then you can also change ipaddress on the system, i’m not familar with openwrt but temporary you can change it like this:

ip addr del dev lanbr0
ip addr add dev lanbr0 // or something else

and then connect any of the lan-ports to you existing lan (so you have same subnet). for internet-access you have to set default route and dns-resolver

 ip route add default via

dns-resolver depends on what openwrt is using, i guess @dangowrt can help here. debian/ubuntu uses /etc/resolve.conf or systemd-resolved

then you can install lucy and make all permanent network config there

OK I’ll try it now, I’ll get back to you right away… that’ll be fun :wink:

Do this to change the LAN address permanently to

uci set network.lan.ipaddr=
uci commit network

If you wish that the device simply connects to the existing router and uses DHCP to acquire an address, you may do so as well:

uci set network.lan.proto=dhcp
uci commit network

(then you need to check your main router to find the address it assigned to the R3 which uses hostname ‘OpenWrt’ by default)

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Did you add LuCI to the list of packages to be installed in the firmware-selector? It is not installed by default in snapshot builds, but you can add it quite easily:


Colleagues, slowly slowly… I’m a beginner !!! I have made:

  • ip addr del dev br-lan
  • ip addr add ​​dev br-lan
  • ip route add default via
  • ip: RTNETLINK answers: File exists

did something go wrong with the last command?

Do I have to type that in manually with the keyboard?

When I enter “luci-ssl-wolfssl” manually with the keyboard I get this error message.


can confirm that it does not work for me too…if i add luci-ssl build is successful, but package-list has luci dropped