Banana Pi BPI-R3 / BPI-R4 USB Power Output

It looks like the BPI-M5 can support a tremendous power output BPI-M5 USB 3.0 Power test

I am looking for a board with dual ethernet and USB with 2.4amp output that can be switched from the firmware. e.g. a Jetson nano J2010 seed board can do this but only at 1.9amp. Anyone know if this is possible on these boards? Thanks in advance for any detail you can offer

which board do you mean? in title R3/R4, in text (non-existent) R5 and link to M5…Rx is router board with more than dual ethernet

R4 seems to allow 5V/2A (via SY6280AAC U8) on the usb-A port, R3 uses same chip as U9 without comment about current

Hi Frank

Sorry if I have the naming incorrect, looking at Banana Pi BPI-R4 - Banana Pi Wiki and Banana Pi BPI-R3 - Banana Pi Wiki as they had more than one ethernet. Dual is the ideal minimum.

It should have Read BPI-M5. I have edited now. Any clues as to the control function (switch off/on) for SY6280AAC?

Imho it should be always on,but you can look in r3/r4 schematics in bpi wiki for more