Banana pi BPI-R2 LEDE OpenWRT development in progress

We started developing openwrt on bpi-r2,Hope more people join us

first step LEDE has run:


Hi all,

I tried to share my experience about how to burn preloader/uboot/OpenWRT image, and then boot from eMMC on BPI-R2…

  1. Download flash tool from



  1. Install MT65xx drivers for your windows PC. You need to install drivers in order to connect your device properly

  1. Hardware setup before starting up hacking the board

  1. use 12v power adaptor

  2. use micro usb to supply extra power when developing on the board that would help reload the images through flash tool (will be introduced in section 4 as the following) just by power off/on to the board manually after images are all selected done.

  3. use console to retrieve the log for debugging purpose

  4. that is wan port

  5. that is lan3 port, so the intermediate ports are listed as lan0, lan1, lan2, and lan3 reviewing from wan port

4.Flash tool configuration

  1. download agent: MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin

  2. BPI-R2_OpenWRT_scatter.txt ( )

  3. Images

Preloader: preloader_iotg7623Np1_emmc.bin ( )

GPT (named MBR here): MBR ( )

Uboot: mt7623_lzma.uboot ( )

BOOTIMG: lede-mediatek-32-uImage-mt7623n-bananapi-bpi-r2-initramfs (

  1. press download button on Flash tool

  2. power off BPI-R2

  3. power on BPI-R2, and then flash tool will update image automatically.

5 system hang here after upgrading images.

6 try to power off BPI-R2, and on. finally, you can boot from eMMC and see uboot menu. please choose 1 to download OpenWRT FW via TFTP server (e.g., Tftpd64)

<a class=“attachment” bpi-r2_lede_boot.txt (18.8 KB)


I used moore’s images to test something, at least DSA can work, but other devices required more testing in following days, maybe if i have free time i will do it more. Anyway, the board should be the cheapest board in the world so far to support DSA :slight_smile: it should be worthy of exploring more things from it for me.

shell pop out

dts shows many devices the boards haves and model indeed is banapi BPI-R2

4 cores, which would be good for adding more applications doing more thing in the board, but i have no any more idea how i use it :frowning:

i simply runs iperf as server in the bpi-r2 using to serving flows from lan0 and wan port as iper client, it looks it runs hold almost 1.4G bps totally. hmm, it is good start from bringing the board up and also runing as DSA. good points. setups take me so much time and steps from moore’s providing, i felt a little tired :wink:

keep going

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@linkerosa I’m not sure if the patch is applied on LEDE distribution, the eth0 or eth1 should be working at line speed(1Gbps).

@sinovoip you have a typo in the tag openwrt: “OpneWRT”

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Will the whole image for the record to EMMC be released in the near future?

Our R&D answer :

1,The u-boot can write the various areas of emmc, which can directly write preloader to boot1, and my own preloader, plus the header, can also run in emmc.This is done, and then we don’t have to install flashtool, we can produce a sd card, we can write the bare board directly

2,The board can also get up from emmc

3,The road proves passable, and then I intend to add some commands to the uboot to set up the emmc’s read-write protection/enable boot, etc

No, I meant an easier way to write an image to emmc For example, as an ubuntu

or something like “dd if=lede.img of=/dev/mmcblk1”

A new test image is available…,

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