Banana Pi BPI-R1 Router: NAS, router or trash? // Review

Banana Pi Router: NAS, router or trash? // Review

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I’d love to see a review of it with the ipfire firewall on it ([]=bananapi&s[]=r1)

You want to run a firewall on a device that bridges its ports by default?

I enjoy reading through Armbian forum since a few weeks and learned a lot. Especially to avoid this R1.

Thanks for the pointer, Charles. I hadn’t seen that before.

I remember that the ipfire install instructions specifically warned against using the WAN port for anything, because it bridges all the others. But it didn’t mention the LAN ports being bridged to each other.

Practically speaking, it’ll be behind the firewall built in to my cable modem, and will be on all the time. I could unplug the WAN when booting. But the USB Ethernet adaptor is a good idea too. I don’t even need Gbe. My testing showed a peak throughput of 90 Mb/s, so the 100 Mbe adaptor I have lying around will do fine (as long as ipfire has a driver for it). My internet connection is 150, but some things (like my Roku) will be bypassing my firewall and feeding directly into the modem.