Banana pi BPI-R1 openwrt image 3.0 update. also can use on BPI-M1

banana pi BPI-R1 openwrt image 3.0 update. also can use on BPI-M1 download link: realese note: 1,Openwrt For Banana PI firmware compile come from Openwrt Official “trunk” version source code, core version is “3.18.9” (User feedback that BPI-M1 also can use this firmware) 2 The usage of this firmware as below: 1), Mount Use U-Disk (hard disk) to coordinate with Transmission or Aria2 to offline download 2)Resource sharing platform (Samba) 3, VPN service/client, build own secure networks 4, other usage function support : Overview: Check router basic information Firewall Route: check the routes of router System log Kernel log Processes Realtime Graphs: show the realtime graphs of Router, such as the realtime traffic of the wire and wireless LAN Vnstat traffic monitor: one for Linux or BSD Plate, do moniting application for network card traffic System: Modify subject, language (firmware have 3 kind language: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese) and so on Administration: Modify pass word, ssh jurisdiction Software: install, delete software Start up: Modify the boot software Schedule tasks: such as the crontab in Linux Mount points : Mount U-disk, hardware and other mobile device LED Configuration: Banana can not use it for the moment Backup/Flash Custom commands: perform the shell comment in the web directly Reboot Dynamic DNS: The Mainframe which have no a fixed IP, use dynamic DNS service to help host can change to correspond with the IP domain name and IP elationship Proxy web proxy/Proxy: http proxy Hd-idle: Not use hard disk when exceed the time , auto sleep Chiandns: Dns pollution prevention tool Redsocks2: Transparent Proxy software, install it on the router and after properly configuration, The connection from the configured port of all machines Under Subnet will replaced by Redsocks transparent proxy. It way try to use without proxy to connect the target which you want to visit, once it find be forbidden, it will connect automatically through by the setting proxy Shadowsocks: Socks5 proxy software, fast speed, use together with Redsocks2 Open connect VPN: VPN Server Network share: samba, Network sharing software UPNP: So that the gateway or router NAT module to do automatic port mapping, BitComet listening port mapping from a gateway or router to the computer network to accelerate BT download speed Transmission: BT、PT download client Aria2 settings: Multi-threaded download software with web management console, you can add from the web interface, administrative tasks directly Interfaces: NIC management WIFI: Wifi management Switch: This equipment can be divided into multiple VLAN, and support for direct communications between computers. VLAN is also often used to partition different network segments. The default is usually an uplink port to connect ISP, the remaining ports for the local subnet DHCP and DNS: DNS Settings and MAC binding Host names: Set the host name (The default is my blog URL, can modify) Static routes: Set the routes Firewall Diagnostics To diagnose network status by nslookup, ping and trance AHCP server :An dual stack network Protocol to auto-configuration IPv6 and IPv6 / IPv4 , for routing to detect and address assignment in the network QOS: Smart speed services to prevent individual download occupancy broadband LAN and lead the rest slow Internet access Collectd:A daemon progress, used to collect system performance and provide a variety of storage applications to store different values

hello what is IP? I did scan 192.168.1.n and 192.168.0.n, but I did not see BRP-R1