Banana pi BPI-M64 quad-core 64 bit SBC with allwinner A64

Banana PI BPI-M64 is the open source hardware platform, Banana PI BPI-M64 is a quad-core 64 bit version of Banana Pi,use Allwinner A64 design, it support WIFI+BT on board.

Banana Pi BPI-M64 series run Android, Debian linux, Ubuntu linux,Raspbian image and other OS.

Banana PI PBI-M64 hardware: 64 Bit Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 1.2 Ghz CPU, 2GB DDR3 SDRAM, 8G eMMC flash on board

Banana PI BPI-M64 with Gigabit Ethernet port, It can run Android smoothly. The size of Banana PI BPI-M64 same as Banana Pi BPI-M3, support 1080P 4K video, the GPIO header is pin-compatible with Raspberry Pi.

The new BPI-M64 is a tiny little computer with great big ambitions. The expandable single-board device runs either Linux or Android and features impressive specs that outshine comparable products by a substantial margin. Highlights include a 1.2GHz quad-core ARM processor, a Mali 400 MP2 GPU, 2G of DDR3 RAM, a microSDXC slot,8G eMMC flash,WIFI&BT onboard and support for 4K ultra high-definition video.

More specs follow below.

  • 64 Bit Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 1.2 Ghz CPU
  • Dual core Mali 400 MP2 GPU
  • MicroSD slot supports up to 256GB expansion
  • 8G eMMC flash (option 16/32/64G)
  • CSI camera intface and DSI display interface support
  • 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet port
  • (3) USB 2.0 hosts and (1) USB otg port
  • 4K high-definition video playback
  • 4K x 2K HDMI port and multi-channel audio output
  • WIFI&Bluetooth 4.0 with 802.11BGN onboard
  • 3.5mm Stereo Output mini-jack with microphone support
  • Built-in 3.7V Lithium Battery Charging Circuit
  • Hardware security enables trustzone security system, Digital Rights Management (DRM), information encryption/decryption, secure boot, secure JTAG and secure efuse

Raspberry Pi 3 Alternative: Banana PI BPI M64 Development Board

hardware interface:

Hardware Spec:

more please see online wiki page:

Banana Pi BPI-M64 booting linux

allwinner A64 chip and R18 chip is PIN to PIN compatibility, so BPI-M64 just replace R18 ,A64 chip onboard, easy to DIY new product.

BPI-R18-AI(Allwinner SoC-Only 3-Mic Far-Field Dev Kit) use R18 chip design

BPI-R18-AI wiki page:

Banana Pi M64 Unboxing, First Boot and Initial Review

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Does Android SDK is open to community ?

does it support wifi direct? wifi to wifi connection Peer to Peer?

all image for now ,only support to register to AP,not support to Peer to Peer.

When will we have a banana with USB 3.0? :frowning:

will coming soon, we have begin to do this work.:slight_smile:


Can’t seem to locate any source in Europe, what price will this be?

Is there anyway to get an example piece for review/education?

we do DVT now, we must finish all test and approve, it will come soon.

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yes ,we will send out some free sample for review or test.

:smiley: I would like a test sample too if possible :wink:


At any time when products are stocked and available to purchase is?

we do the first 3K now ,will ready about this month ,we have finished all lab test and validation test.

When it will be available? how much will it cost? winter is coming, I’m tired of waiting .___.

Still empty: :rage:

BPI-M64 schematic diagram

Does BPI-M64 able to withstand industrial temperature -40C to 85C?

allwinner A64 chip official temperature is -20C to 75C