Banana Pi BPI-M6 ubuntu image ,support VPU and NPU yolov6

BPI-M6 ubuntu image ,support VPU and NPU yolov6, just support SD card boot:

image download :


source code:

but it’s no readme telling how to run this sample. running directly will not work.

lsmod does not show npu device kernnel module in list.

the image does not support 4k display, but android does. both android & linux cannot get an ip from dhcp.

sudo insmod /lib/modules/modules/5.4.195/extra/synap.ko ta_path=/opt/syna/ta

There is no ethernet working. The driver is not working. Cant reach ethernet working. Can you tell how to make ethernet work,?. On your picture i can see you have eth0 working.

Hi kalcohol, hi radek,

as I see you managed to boot the Ubuntu image from SD. I have serious problems to boot from SD.

Would you please tell me, what uSD-Cards you exactly used?

Many thanks in advance

Sandisk ultra a1/ class 10 / hc1/ 32gb

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Thank you, radek; ordered that one. Wish me luck, that I can boot from it.

Hello. Tell me you have eth0 working. Best regards

Hello radek, I bought exactly this SanDisk HCI Class 10 32 GB Micro SD Card from your picture, from that you was able to boot.

Unfortunately my problem persists: I cannot boot from SD, for more information see my newest article at

I really like to boot Ubuntu from SD and check, if my Ethernet (eth0) is working, but I can’t because of this.

If you have a FTDI Serial Adapter - Can you do me another favor?

Insert a normal FAT formatted Micro SD in your BPI-M6 and hold the SPI button and then please send my the UART Debug Log. More infos how to do this in my article (and the one before). My e-mail-Adress you find on my website Just write to the webmaster there.

And maybe you can burn the Android Image to eMMC and tell me, if your Android Gallery can see Fotos on an SD-Card inserted into the BPI-M6?

Anybody else is also invited to do these tests and help me.

Many thanks in advance

Doc Cool

Hi Doc Cool, You have to press and hold the SPI key while inserting the power supply. In my case I had to choos the input at the monitor, auto recognition didn’t work.

But I am running in the same issue, that eth0 is connected to my router, but no link is established, neither DHCP nor fixed IP.

I am running the last Ubuntu 20.04 image. Best regards Henrik

A short update: I just plugged in an USB to ethernet adapter and got a working connection. So it seems that the board/ethernet port is broken or a driver problem in the last image. I just contacted the Banana Pi support. I hope they will help.

I can confirm. The last image and also the previus they dont have etho working. I think the driver is not load.

now it gets frustating. so there ist noch eth0 support and no emmc support for linux! I hardly dare to ask, what about the HDMI input?

@banana pi support: is there any roadmap, when there will be an emmc image with ethernet support?

I got my BPI-M6 replacement and was able now to boot the Ubuntu Image from SD Card.

I tested the newest version from 2024-01-25 and can say: a) Eth0 is working fine. I can start Firefox and open websites without problems b) I have no sound in the Ubuntu Image, but in the Android Image c) I have problems to install snap-packages like used by Google Chromium, which I cannot install. d) sometimes booting up ethernet port seems not to work, sometimes only 640x480 instead of 1920x1080 screen solution. After repowering all okay again. Strange.

Besides this, all fine.

More Infos and a test video in my newest blog at

Lucky you. You write articles and got a well tested device. Which board version did you got? Have you testet burning the image to eMMC, can you restart the device without any problems or do you still have to press the spi button or does a restart even work.
Radek and me made other experiences. everytime I want to start my M6 I have to insert a new written SD in, a restart is not possible, ethernet is not working. My board is version 1.1.
No response by the bananapi support till now…

Hi Henrik,

I’ve got Board Version1.1 too. My first device was unfortunately defective in SD-Slot. Regarding the replacement I haven’t found a hardware error yet.

I have tested eMMC, it’s okay. And I have to press the SPI button every time I want to boot from SD instead of eMMC too. That’s absolutely normal. No Button = Boot eMMC, SPI-Button = Boot SD, USB-Button = goto Mode to flash eMMC with SenaryTool.

After rebooting in Linux (SPI-Button pressed) all is alright. The data change in the last session is saved, installed programs are still there, all fine.

Be careful with “apt upgrade”, this can kill your system, so you have to flash a new SD to boot from. Depends on what system files you change. You can only do trial and error here.

I don’t have any problems with the Banana Pi support. They are very friendly and really try to help. I have written them about the problems in the newest Ubuntu Image and I’m sure they will do their best to fix the problems.

Please read my blog articles, there are so much useful information for you in there. I can’t answer all your questions here again, which are already answered in my articles. Best start at Raspberry Pi / Der Banana Pi BPI-M6: Vorstellung und Vergleich zum Raspberry Pi 5 and then read further. On each end of a blog article is a link to the next. You can translate the articles to your language with the flag buttons on the top. Happy reading!