Banana Pi BPI-M4 Zero Install

Hi, Banana Users and Happy New Year I really new here. I just buy a BPI-M4 Zero that a try to install with the minimal Ubuntu image. So far so good, I have the wifi working and ssh. Do you know where I can find the bananapi-config.deb ? I understood that the way to install the emmc … or there is another way … Thanks in advance

Hello talisker,

here are the basic information:

→ Image download is on the end of the site.

And here are an overview of possibiliys for installation:

I’m not a BPI-M4_Zero user, but I hope that was what you looking for?

For “bananapi-config.deb” someone else has to help!

Thanks Lorem for anwsering. I read it all but unfortunately I found nothing. It’s just a banner when I’m logging in the bpi board …

Hi, Found … download bananapi-config_1.0.0_all.deb (43.4 KB) Is someone can confirm that we can use with Ubuntu and Debian and with the M4-Zero and if it’s safe ? Thanks

That works perfectly !!!

Now I’m able to boot on eMMC …

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