Banana Pi BPI-M4 android 8.1.1

Banana Pi BPI-M4 android 8.1.1 and test wifi function

Banana Pi BPI-M4 android 8 .1.1 and test Video play

Banana Pi BPI-M4 Android 8 1 1 demo ,power by raspberry Pi PoE module


I am trying to install Android OS on BPI-M4 as mentioned in the document.

Instead of this: C1:80000000 C2 ?_? d/g/r>

I am getting following error: C1:80000000 C2 ?? C3hUDA get hwsetting fail: BOOT1 Rescue… Fail to get hwsetting at BOOT1 rescue mode(0x00000015) 00000015 C1:80000000 C2 ??uu3-1

Please he me resolve this issue.

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Did you get any help