Banana Pi BPI-M3 Review

A brief review on hardware and software on the M3.

good job :blush: …

Please aware that many people are saying bad things about BPI-M3 on-line due to lack of software support from SINOVOIP. There is no Bananian? I don’t understand this…

Also please tell me what is correct procedure to build my own linux for M3 since U-boot target is not working. I maybe doing something wrong.


It’s easy. M2/M3 are incompatible to the M1. That’s caused by different SOC (system on chip) used. Bananian supports historically the A20 and is able to boot on the M2 (A31) in the meantime. But only when using kernel 4.x and I don’t think we will see support for the A83T (or R58/H8 as it’s also called) used on the M3 that soon (most likely never).

To understand the behavior of SinoVoip/Foxconn, read that document. It will give you basic understanding between making easy money and supporting an SBC.

Thank you for document Tido, very interesting

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