Banana pi BPI-M3 cloud server


i have no experience in single board computers or programing and i whant to start with a huge project. i was hoping that i can get some help here.

the project i want to build is a cloud image server. my porpouse would be to have a cloud server on a banana pi m3 and an app on my android phone (samsung galaxy s7) that syncs my images and videos. basically i want to build my own dropbox. internet speed is not a problem so if this is possible i want to try it. the thing is that before i spend money on the hardware i want to know if the software to do this exists. to that end i have a seriesof questions that i would like to ask:

  1. is there an app for android that sinks photos and videos from a phone to an selfmade cloud server? the app would have to have some sort of serverbased authentication sice my internet provider has only an dynamic ip option. every time i restart my router my ip changes. i don’t restart the douter that often but if the lights flicker there goes my ip.
  2. does that app have simple direct access to the photos and videos, like a gallery or something similar, not a browser based access. the reason is that i want to do this for multiple devices belonging to people that aren’t very technical, like my parents and my girlfriend.
  3. (optional) is there a windows app to acces the cloud in a dropbox fashion? it would be nice to have a folder on my pc synced to the cloud server
  4. (optional) can i access the hdd that serves as the storage for the cloud from my pc trough LAN so that when i am at home i don’t have to access it trough the net?
  5. is there an ap for the banana pi m3 that makes it into a cloud server? (maby this question should have been nr 1)
  6. what operating system should i use for the banana pi m3? i was thinking raspbian since thecomunity is larger and i have a better chance of finding the programs i need.
  7. what is the storage limit for the banana pi m3? what is the largest hdd i can have on it?
  8. (optional) is there a way to add another sata port to it? i could add an external hdd but it would be nice if i could have moultiple sata hdd mounted directely on to the board.
  9. can the banana pi m3 handle the stress of working continuously for a long period of time, probably years without stoping?
  10. can the banana pi m3 put the hdd in sleep mode when not in use for a certain period of time so as to not damage the hdd when it is not accessed, without entering sleepmode itself so that when i acces the cloud server it wakes up and i don’t have to wait for verry long for it to start?

this is the first project i want to buld and the main reason i want to buy the board. unfortunately i don’t have the money to buy it and see then if it is possible or not so i would like to know beforehand if it is dooable. that is why am asking so many questions. if there is a chance for this to work i am willing to spend the money on the board since it would be a ceap cloud option.

if anyone can answer my questions i would apreciate it verry much and if you could answer them and give examples of the apps needed for each task it would be perfect.

thank you for reading and sorry for my many spelling mistakes, english is not my first language and most of my practice with it is speaking, not writhing it.

other is support , but banana pi sata is use USB to SATA,just A20 and R40 support SATA interface. mean if you want to use SATA,just can use BPI-M1,BPI-M1+,BPI-M2 Ultra.or BPI-R1

Heya! Sounds like owncloud is the thing you’re looking for: For hdd sleep mode I use hddidle, Works perfectly:

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