Banana Pi BPI-M2U/Berry New Image Release: Raspbian jessie 8.0 2018-5-24

Banana Pi BPI-M2U/Berry New Image Release: Raspbian jessie 8.0 V1.1


1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M2U/Berry board , and it is based on Raspbian jessie 8.0 operation system with kernel 3.10.108.

2.What’s new in this release

  • Wi-Fi client supported

  • GMAC supported (TCP: 850M/s, UDP: 1M/s)

  • Bluetooth (with bluetoothctl) supported

  • IR function supported (getevent)

  • Camara ov5640: ffmpeg/cap/guvcview supported

  • HDMI 480P & 720P & 1080P supported

  • 1080P mpv supported

  • WringPi supported

  • OTG adbd is supported

  • SATA interface supported

  • LCD 7" supported

3.Known limitations

  • Ap mode is unstable

4.Image link:



Thanks. GPU support still dead?))

Hello,could you please tell me,what do you test for GPU?

If you want to use GPU, A20 with ubuntu image will support it.

doest it have support for mipi DSI?

YES,it does,please see here: im using this display. I see that pins are not the same order but i can make board to make pin remapping. Is it possible to power screen trough mipi port because screen have Power Consumption Logic 0.65 W (Max) @ White pattern Frame rate 60Hz BL System 2.8 W (Max) @ Black pattern w/o LED driver

THIS IS BANANA PI DSI PINOUT What is PS pins on mipi port of BPI. Power supply pins(+5vdc) or ?

and this is this screen pinout


hi, does this support qemu installation? how to load the kvm module?

Hello, what’s the progress now? Did you meet any problems?

i have connect all voltages need for display to work and mipi data lines and clock line from bpi m2 berry and i dont have image. can you say which os to write on sd card and how to configure to work with display which i have postend on early post on this topic

Hello, you could use bpi-bootsel to change boot.

Firstly, input “bpi-bootsel”, you will see a list of boot.

then find path of the boot “BPI_M2U_LCD7.img.gz”, use bpi-bootsel to change it.

“bpi-bootsel /usr/lib/u-boot/bananapi/bpi-m2u/BPI_M2U_LCD7.img.gz”

Hi, i’ve downloaded this image from google drive. A few questions: What ist the root login? The officiell pi login this the know password is not working. What is the password for user pi? The actually Rasbian Release is not working on Bpi M2 Berry? How can i fix this? Is there a basic image available, that is not so blowing up?

Thanks & Happy XMas!

Edit: After some trys i got this: The password fot user pi is: bananapi Why is that a secret? Write it down in a textfile locate at the image!

You can’t.

Raspbian is a Debian like OS with a firmware (closed source RTOS, boot loader, kernel) for hardware called Raspberry Pi. Official Raspbian can work only on RaspberryPi and nowhere else. Raspbian for other hardware can be the same only on the surface - same desktop wallpaper, pre-installed applications, … while the core, hardware support is related to the most important thing … kernel, low level support. If you don’t need video acceleration, check and check FAQ for basic info.

Thanks for explaining, Igor! I thougt, Raspbian is compatible to BananaPi, because here is also a “Raspbian jessie” release. Sorry for that.

Oh no - i didnt need video acceleration. This BPi should be my new smarthome controller: SSH, WEB-Server, KNX-Interface - no more, and not less.

“Raspbian” is commonly abused as marketing property :slight_smile: People are asking for Raspbian and … here it is … taadaaa

Than Armbian will be a perfect choice. It has much much more recent kernel than stock images and also Raspbian. A few things are not developed yet such as video acceleration but for server scenarios … it should be ok

Hi Guys, with Ubuntu my BananaPi M2 Berry is working well, rather slow, but

  • SATA disk is detected and working
  • Wifi is detected and working.

With Raspian (this image!!!) the SATA disk is not working and Wifi is not working. And, last but not least; Where can I find a tool like raspi-config, but for the Bananap Pi? Who can help?

Why do you need raspi-config for? If you installed armbian, there is armbian-config …

As I wrote: I have installed this image “Raspbian jessie 8.0 2018-5-24”, not any armbian… I am a Linux-User, not a Linux-expert. I am searching for an image, which is working well (fast, all hardware detected and working) for my BananaPi M2 Berry. And I am searching for a tool like Raspi-Config (which is integrated in the image, or which can be installed with a few apt-get commands. For example: I want to use that configuration tool to:

  • enable / disable startup to graphical desktop
  • enable / disable SSH-server …

That certainly works with Armbian, but I am not so sure about “Raspbian”.