Banana pi BPI-M2 Zero quad core singel-board computer with Allwinner H3 chip design

Note : BPI-M2 Zero support allwinner H2+ chip and H3 chip . since 2022 , BPI-M2 zero default with H3 chip onboard .

Banana PI BPI-M2 Zero is the open source hardware platform,Banana PI BPI-M2 Zero is an quad core version of Banana Pi,it support WIFI on board. use Alliwnner H2+ chip on board. and mini size only 60mm*30mm, all ineter face same as Raspberry pi Zero W.


Banana Pi M2 Zero: Low-Cost, Quad Core SBC

Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero series run Android,Debian linux,Ubuntu linux, Raspberry Pi image and others image. Banana PI PBI-M2 Zero hardware: 1Ghz ARM7 quad-core processor, 512M DDR3 SDRAM, and SDIO wifi module on board.

BPI-M2 zero Hardware interface:

BPI-M2 Zero hardware spec:

BPI-M2 Zero GPIO 定义:

Banana pi BPI-M2 Zero all size is same as Raspberry pi Zero W.

Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero demo: 1080P video play , glmark2-es2 , wiringpi

wiki online documents :

banana pi BPI-M2 Zero VS raspberry pi zero W

buy sample from aliexpress

for allwinner H2+ and H3 chip PIN to PIN compatibility , so BPI-M2+ Zero also can use H3 chip onboard



BPI-M2 Zero schematic diagram :

BPI-M2 Zero DXF file:

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android image:

linux image:

Banana Pi M2 Zero Unboxing, Review & Comparison with Raspberry Pi Zero W

Banana Pi M2 Zero - Review and compare to RPI Zero



Banana Pi M2 Zero: Low-Cost, Quad Core SBC


Can you please share PCB file.

I am wondering about PCB project too. Awesome if it is open hardware board!

PARA que sirve la BANANA PI Zero M2? - PC ULTRA compacto! - MovilDúo

we just open schematic diagram, not open PCB design file .

Banana Pi M2 Zero Armbian O.S. Install and Setup Tutorial

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[GPIO] Imagenes Ubuntu Banana Pi BPI-M2 zero

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Can the onboard reset and power button be programmed to capture when it is pushed or if it is held for 10 seconds, or is GPIO my only option here?

Hello sinovoip,

Is there any layout file for BPI-M2 Zero, where I can see the pin locations ( GPIO, 3 UART pins on the edge of the board and ETH0 pins). I need it for my carrier board so I can design the connector holes on the carrier board accurately.

Than you

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Is that not in the wiki’s Documents section?

Maybe ?