Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero new image: 2020-04-28 Debian Rasbian Ubuntu

Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero new image: 2020-04-28 Debian Rasbian Ubuntu

File name:

google driver:

baidu cloud : Pincode:5e3E


I installed

After updating the ubuntu security fixes bluetooth not working anymore. To confirm bluetooth was working, but after running ubuntu updater bluetooth is broken.

Thank you.

Hi there There is no 16.04 … but 18.04.4 with pihole instaled. But there is problem with BPI P2 zero … wifi dont work … its not listet under ifconfig.

Which is the user user password, I cant do sudo or anything

in this (2020-04-28-raspbian) build, script.bin missed from /boot/bananapi/bpi-m2z/linux4.4 folder. so I can’t force the bananapi recongnize my 1920*1200 display. change config Uenv.txt files found inside boot folder takes no effect.

in previous build, I can force a 1920*1080 by sunxi-tools method found on banana-pi wiki, based on bpi-R1 with different script.bin path.

Can you tell me please the user pasword of linux in this images?. The company don’t answer

passwd is “bananapi” for most bananapi’s build

I there any build with kodi 18 and hw decoding?

try these, user/pass: ubuntu/ubuntu , root/bananapi, pi/bananapi.

@Banxian did you ever figure out how to get display mode 10 / 1080p working on this build? I am hitting the same problem as you.

I got 1080p working on armbian, but it isn’t worth it. On this board there was a lot of flickering. 720p is the best bet.

I had the same issue with Armbian (from, as well as Wi-Fi issues. This is a real disappointment; I was hoping to use this board to power a monitor showing Grafana. It’s really much less usable at 720p.

I used an old CLI image from their archives (feb 2020), and installed ldxe. On that image, I had no major issues with anything except not being able to get gpio working from python.

So far the Ububtu Mate image from above has been the most functional for me.

There is a mounted boot partition on this os that contains parameters to change the resolution. I haven’t messed with it, I got used to the 720, and this board is already pretty slow.

I have ros, gpio, IDLE3 IDE. I am happy with it. I bought a couple more. I just wish there was a ubuntu18.04 mate build for this device.

bpi kernel 4.4 image can’t change the resolution in uEnv.txt, you must change the dtb/sys_config to set 1080P, configure with uboot fdt command or update the sys_config.fex and rebuild.

But there have hardware signal interference between wifi and hdmi, so 720P may be is better.

Did you figure out the wifi issues? I still can not get it to connect to wifi :frowning: useless board without wifi.


Are there any newer images available? Something with bullseye for example?

CU AssetBurned :wink:

Hello, whic is the password for ubuntu 16.04 mate desktop?