Banana Pi BPI-M2 Zero: Latest Armbian images

Hi everybody!

I share with the community the latest compilations of Armbian. To test, write one of these images on a sdcard with Etcher. After that, connect an USB-Serial converter to the 3 serial pin of the BPI M2 Zero board to have an access to the terminal.

Other solution is to plug a mouse/keyboard on OTG USB port and an HDMI cable on mini HDMI port. But i didn’t try this way.

The default user login for every images :

Login: root
password: 1234

Armbian offer the possibility to configure the board like raspbian with this command:

sudo armbian-config

After that, select network item to choose your SSID and tape you wifi password if you want to have ssh access

Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_19.04_LTS_disco_next_4.19.38_triskenel.7z Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_19.04_LTS_disco_next_4.19.38_triskenel_desktop (Coming soon)

Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_18.04_LTS_bionic_next_4.19.38_triskenel.7z Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_18.04_LTS_bionic_next_4.19.38_triskenel_desktop.7z

Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_16.04_LTS_xenial_next_4.19.38_triskenel.7z Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_16.04_LTS_xenial_next_4.19.38_triskenel_desktop.7z

Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.38_triskenel.7z Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.38_triskenel_desktop.7z

Have fun! :wink:


Hi, these links seem to be dead, do you have any alternatives? Thank you!

Try this, but its untested:

Hi igor I, they seem to work great but one big issue it the serious flickering on mouse move or image refresh… It seems certain monitors native resolutions aren’t supported, ie 2560x1600.

Where do I add this resolution setting? I also have no ability to choose a scaled down resolution in the “Display settings panel”… Display settings shows 2560x1600 @ 0Hz.


sounds good! Does the tool provide an intuitive way to including a resolution?

Will be my first time.


For that expensive part you will need to hire someone that is skilled in tweaking kernel video drivers.

Tool is providing easy code implementation, packing, distribution. It saves you a lot of time, but it doesn’t make miracles.

…Not a big deal I just used “typical” resolutions. Thanks!

@igorpec after all it wasn’t an ultra widescreen format issue, armbian simply does not run well on higher resolutions with the banana-Pi, an issue with the kernel itself.

It runs good enough. If you want this feature to be fixed - if possible at all, simply try to fix it - code is out there. If you don’t know how, hire someone. Your zero contribution for the R&D is not near sufficient for on demand problem solving and there are years to wait

Everything runs good enough!

Using the software and giving feedback on what works and doesn’t is enough of a contribution.This forum helps the community know what’s going on.

I think you should relax or take a chill pill, seems like you keep going on about hiring someone, do you need a job?

You seems to live in a bubble. There are 1000x more problems than people that will fix problems. If you haven’t discovered yet …