Banana Pi BPI-M2+ V1.2 hardware version gets 2step-voltage-design for SoC

BPI-M2+ V1.2 hardware version 2step-voltage-design for SoC.

How to check BPI-M2+ V1.2 hardware version:


BPi-M2+ V1.2 modification

  1. PL0 Instead the drop-down 10K,As a hardware version identification(V1.1 is pull up)
  2. PL1 Change to voltage regulation GPIO


voltage regulation schematic diagram


BPI-M2+ V1.2 hardware version schematic diagram

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Can you give more details with regard to voltage regulation of H3 - lowest voltage? and highest voltage?

just 1.1V and 1.3V , same as BPI-M2 Zero.

code :

Banana pi for armbian patch