Banana Pi BPI-M2+ Sample Giveaway Apply Here

Welcome to the Banana Pi BPI-M2+ (BPI-M2+ Plus) Giveaway

more about BPI-M2+ ,please see online gitbook document:

This time we will use a different mechanics for the application process. For the last several giveaways, only a few users have been selected due to BPI’s decisions.

Now they are officially opening up 10 pieces of BPI-M2+ to giveaway to you. You will have to pay for shipping.

Official Rules

You have to comment below with with the following

  1. Your word to post a review of BPI-M2+ on this forum and also on one other platform. (YouTube, blog, other forums…)

  2. Your awesome project that you want to try. Include a link to an existing website on the project. (OwnCloud Server, Chat server, game server, streaming server…) You are not qualified if you already received a BPI-M2+ from a promotion.

It is a trade. You will provide review / project update while BPI supply the board.

The promotion will run for 30 days until 2016-6-25

The selected member’s account name will be posted on this thread on 2016-6-25. Each member will be contacted by our representative through email for shipping details.

May the forth be with you! (no more puns any more:( the contest date was extended to 30 days)

thank you for you support.

Here are the 10 people who are selected for BPI-M3 free sample @fahad @Aditya_Narayan @jemartel @RedStar @D.A @Bruce_Lunde @mazsola2k @Joytag @BPI_Q @a663321765

Congratulations. thank everyone support BPI-M3.

Oh yes ! I would love to test the BPI-m2 !!! I would love to test a dev board that size and the power this one has. Hmm projects i would like to archive … i probably would start with a easy android or linux image and then try to set up something by my own :slight_smile:

I wish every competitor good luck !

I am a writer with and I would be more than happy to do a review there. My main focus is on HTPC and entertainment so I would likely put Kodi on the Banana Pi, or retroarch… or maybe both.

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Hi, I have a Banana pi M1 which I use as a firewall, storage and media center and If I get selected for for a Giveaway sample I will be testing this for my various security related projects like https web filter, freeradius server, tinc server for dynamic multipoint VPN. I will share my review as I progress through the project.

Thank you, Regards, Bobby Thomas.

Hey I am more interested in testing this new SoC Banana Pi BPI-M2+. I am an embedded networking and hardware hobbiest. I am very much keen to test this board. Project ?? I have a lot in mind, I have used RPi, BeagleBone, XMOS development boards and other ARM development boards from Cypress semiconductors and NXP for developing various projects including IoT , Image processors, multi-core kernel design and so on. I will surely give a very honest review with lot of blog post about developing projects using your board. I am currently thinking of project for implementing SDR controller using it. Thanks and Regards, Narashiman.P


i would like to test a sample in your conditions. Here is a demo video on my intentions to test it as a part of a Robotics chain reaction in my school.

I’d LOVE to try one of these out as a game streaming device. I’ve tried several different “workarounds” that I could come up with but none have actually panned out for one reason or another on my Raspberry pi 3’s. Sure like to give it a go on a different platform and am wondering if 'ole Banana is up to the challenge/task? I’d be more than happy to post a blog about my experiences about the venture if given the opportunity. Would be nice to have something else as a comparison to the 6 Raspberry pi’s that I’ve got now at home LOL!


I really appreciate to win one of this sample.

I want to use it as a private home cloud for family. It must be available at home but also through internet when I go to holiday.

For this I will use the Cozy cloud and if this board can not run it I will try the Cozylight. You may see the demo here.

Thanks for your support to help me creating the smallest Pesonal Home Cloud.

And if it could not be used for this Home Cloud I want to use it with the Gladysproject home assistant.

Miguipda :wink:


i would like to build an intelligent home farming, want to link the moisture of membrane and automatic water supply to the plants

thx. Sriram


I’ll be glade to post a review about Banana Pi BPI-M2+ on my YouTube channel. I am currently having a Raspberry Pi 3 that I am using as an access point. There are certain limitations on the Pi such a requiring an external SD Card and having only a fast Ethernet port. I see that the Banana Pi BPI-M2+ would be more efficient in my use case.

Thank you, –Ahmed

Hi there.

I’d like to see if I can make it a homemade NAS (with external USB HDDs). Seems to be a better fit than the rest with a 1G network interface. I’d make a post of it on my blog as well as write my feelings on how feasible the end result is here as well as Armbian forum.

i am a person with interest in remote monitoring (with networking) wired/wireless. worked on different platforms. as it comes with 1gb ddr3 ram it may be applicable and can be interfaced with different sensors,actuating data it has advanced risk machine there as the controller it will also be helpful for me to use(familiarization earlier helps). would be of great help if i get one sample

regards Mainak Sen

Hi, i currently use bpi m1+ on tapping box project, this device function as recorder of printing receive for dept. of taxes. I would like to try it for next releases. You can review our product here:

Hi I would definitely write a review and post some videos on my YouTube channel. I would actually try out several quick projects (retro computing, 433.92 MHz device control, camera motion detection) and would likely finish making it a permanent file server inside a dead time capsule enclosure.

I am a software engineer and the owner of BPI-M3 version 1. I found mini USB power supply issue. I soldered a DC connector by myself. Now I have Debian Jessie installed. very stable now. I use 64GB microSD for OS. 1TB laptop hard drive connected to SATA port. On BPI-M3 , I installed these software.

  1. Java, C/C++, Php, Perl development tools: Eclipse 3.2 and Netbeans 8.1 2.Oracle JDK for ARM , the latest version.
  2. Oracle SQLDeveloper, the latest version. I can use it to access Sybase, DB2, Oracle, SQL Serrver, My SQL on my home network.
  3. Apache2, both HTTP and HTTPs work very well.
  4. Tomcat 8, I can compile Guacamole 0.9.9 with gcc, working very well with Tomcat 6.MySQL 5.6 , works very well
  5. Samba service, works, shared folders are accessible from my laptop windows 10 8.SSH server , Telnet Server, both work on my BPI-M3 9.Connecting to my Laser Printer, Brother MFC-7420

If I can get a Banana Pi BPI-M2+ sample , I will definitely test all above software on it. Thank you,

Jack Zhang (from New York)

I use other platform whith H3 for my project, but im happy to can test a BPI performance and in fiture use it for my project, thank you in advance.


I am dipesh I do reviews on development boards and their comparisons, I have a lot of boards to my access,if I will get access to Banana Pi BPI-M2+ I will definitely make a review video for it.

I have a few projects going on where I would like to work with Banana Pi, the Project that I have in my mind to use this boards is data transfer using visible like , you can watch my video for the project here.


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I would like to try out the Banana Pi and compare it to the Raspberry 2+/3 in areas of working with other devices and would post a review of my findings as a result of this comparison.

Is it too late to get one?