Banana Pi BPI-M2+ Sample Giveaway Apply Here

Need a new Board to write about

Hello! I really want to get Banana Pi BPI-M2+ Sample. I’m occupying different DIY things on arduino and I want to use Banana Pi in my projects. I also do a great review on my blog and do a video overview on my Youtube channel. Thank you!

I’m a computer science student, i want one of these banana pi you are giving because i need to do my end project for the career and my project is to do a robot in the cheapest way possible.

Also a comparation in my web between the raspberry pi, orange pi and the bord that you gave to me hehe :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, i hope the comunity would be bigger in the next months.

May I get one sample for developing snappy Ubuntu Core?

Thanks, Shuduo

I’m interested into iteration of Banana Pi and atmegas on breadboard, for programming and controlling them as well as controlling ATX power supplies for breadboard power. Also making web servers running on node-js.

Hi, I am a Student who is interested in Programming and coming up with innovative ideas. Recently I Planned to Make a portable Hardware for those people who can’t speak . My aim is to help them to convey their Messages to normal people who doesn’t know their language . I found that Banana Pi BPI-M2+ is the perfect platform in which i can build it along with Arduino . So if i am lucky to get this board I will surely develop my idea and bring it to great use. I hope you will cooperate with me and help me to explore the unexplored !!. seeking for Your cooperation.

About posting - I will surely post it in my Youtube and on my Collage forum where many people will come to know about this board and about my project . And i Will be grateful to you for your cooperation .


Hi, I would like to apply for the giveaway. If I got a BPI-M2+, I would set it up with a pi-top and try to make it work as a regular laptop with Debian or Armbian, e.g. for web browsing, emails, and doing software development. I would also try to get a solar panel to connect to it to make it a solar-powered laptop. I would write a review of the BPI-M2+ and document my project on this forum and on Patchwork (a P2P social network),

Regards, Charles

I’m student . I want apply a Banana Pi :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thx

Hello. I want to try how to use this PI,and test the BPI-m2.

Hello BPI,

I am the admin of We are a small community of users closely aligned with Steam who officially support free open-source Quake styled games. I would love to test the BPI-M2+ for a project I have been carefully planning for the last year. My goal is to compile ARMv7 binaries for these games and utilize BPI hardware running Debian as a dedicated server for users across the world to access 24/7. I would be honored to write a detailed review, including benchmarks of the BPI-M2+ on my site and YouTube channel.

Thank you for the many years of support and incredible boards that keep getting better :slight_smile:

Hi BPI, As a fairly fresh user of Banana PI I would be delighted with possibility to test BPI-M2+ without flaws of Allwiners 20 flaws with documentation of Mali… and lack of drivers… As a project I will move whole configuration from BPI to BPI M2+ that already is there so: *samba *CUPS for HP *deluge *diod management (not everyone wants them blinking at night) *plex media server (really want to test that power there in transcoding) Everything on Bananian

When I will have more processing power and better Hardware support of Mali I will also include there: *backup server *Plex Client *Retroarch (or similar solutions) *wii pads control *ir remote control

As future projects I would like to add: *reverse tunneling to connect to banana from outside when I’m behind NAT *control and view from my video intercom. *control of automatic roller shutters.

That for start and still thinking of more functionality to add.

Hopefully you’ll include me in testing.


I have been already selected for the BPI M3 giveaway. I am trying to port a real version of CentOS or Fedora to it. I plan to write a series of blog posts about my progresses:

I would like to test the BPI M2+ too.

Thanks in advance, Regards, DA.

In addition to my last post, I am working on a project called QuakeSMS. The concept is to notify users in a distribution list via sms text message when a player joins a server. This will work for virtually all Quake styled games and will change the dynamics of multiplayer. I would love to be able to host this service on a Banana Pi. A demo video of this project can be viewed on my website:

hi I am a student and i want to build a 3d printer,by using banana pi.I made a i 3 in the last year and i found it wasn’t useful by using arduino 2560.So i want to try something new.I would glad if i bacome the luck one.



I would like to run BPI-M2 with solar energy and host a forum where users can share ideas about green planet and where people can share initiatives taken to plant trees (images etc).

Considering internet traffic, initially i would go with ngnix+mariadb/mysql+varnish.


And congratulations to the winners of this giveaway. We hope to see some wonderful projects shared on this forum.

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since 15 days I was not come back on this news because I was in holiday.

Now I discovered I win what must I do to receive it at home ?

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day :wink:

Miguipda :wink:

If you reply to your private message with the information, we will contact you and send you the device.

I replied the private email.

But I am still waiting for this award arriving.

Has it been shipped out?

Really appreciated,