Banana pi BPI-M2 Magic board ,design with allwinner R16 and A33 chip

Banana pi BPI-M2 Magic board ,design with allwinner R16 and A33 chip


Banana PI BPI-M2 Magic (BPi-M2M) is an efficient quad core solution designed for internet-of-things applications,Use allwinner R16 chip design ,also can use Allwinner A33 chip on board, which outperforms competitors in terms of its system performance, scalability, and energy-efficiency; it can be used for home entertainment, home automation, and high wireless performance and so on.

BPI-M2 Magic integrate four ARM Cortex-A7 CPU cores and Mali400MP2 graphics architecture, It also includes a variety of peripherals, BPI-M2 Magic with 512M DDR3,including 4 lane-MIPI DSI, LVDS, USB2.0 OTG/HOST,802.11 b/g/n wifi & BT4.0 onboard.

Note: 1,BPI-M2 Magic not HDMI interface. 2,Not support RJ45 interface

BPI-M2 Magic can run with Android smoothly, it also can run Debian, Ubuntu linux, Raspberry Pi image and others OS. It can easily run with the game it support 1080P high definition video output, the GPIO compatible with Raspberry Pi B+ and can run the ROM Image

allwinner R16 chip and A33 chip is PIN to PIN compatibility, so BPI-M2 Magic just replace R16 ,A33 chip onboard, easy to DIY new product.

hardware interface:

hareware spec:

more ,please see online wiki document:

easy to buy sample :

BPI-M2 Magic with MIPI pannel, run android

BPI-M2 Magic with MIPI pannel, run ubuntu linux

Very nice lcd panel! Does it work on M64 or only M2 Magic?

Is it available now? What about price?

this LCD just not support M1,M1+, R1 , others all can support.

hi, there.

i got a img named:2017-05-12-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-preview3-bpi-m2m-sd-emmc.img I try to burn it to sdcard and boot on my R16 board. But it stuck before loading the kernel. how should i port this img to my board?

Thank you!

This image works. Get a new SD CARD, Avoid using Win32DiskImager.exe, use dd or better yet use etcher.


it seems something wrong with the bootloader part. when i replaced the boot0 and uboot, it worked.

SCH download:

DXF file download:

Banana pi BPI-M2 Magic GPIO test accessories

Hi, Could you please inform me on which specific LCD panel this is? I have been looking for a while for a matching LCD, and this seems to be it.

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this is our 5`0 LCD TP, just sample ready now.

hai i have BPI-M2M board … i dont have a display, but i have mipi lcd (NT35596 and NT35532) lcd panel dose the os support this LCD panel

how to get the 5" LCD TP


I’m running the 2017-10-23-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-beta3-bpi-m2m-sd-emmc.img image on the BPI-M2M (Allwinner A33) via USB serial, I got garbage output when booting kernel, but u-boot looks ok:

HELLO! BOOT0 is starting!

boot0 version : 4.2.0
boot0 commit : fae52dead0d2defbfc9d2beed2f8e422c81ecd79
fel_flag = 0x00000000
rtc[0] value = 0x00000000
rtc[1] value = 0x00000000
rtc[2] value = 0x00000000
rtc[3] value = 0x00000000
DRAM Type =3 (2:DDR2,3:DDR3,6:LPDDR2,7:LPDDR3)
DRAM zq value: 00003bbbDRAM CLK =600 MHZ
ic use default id
DRAM PLL DDR1 frequency extend open !
DRAM master priority setting ok.
Auto calculate timing parameter!
para_dram_tpr0 = 0047a14f
para_dram_tpr1 = 01c2294c
para_dram_tpr2 = 00069049
tcl = 6,tcwl = 4
DRAM TIMING PARA0 = 0b0f180c
DRAM TIMING PARA1 = 0003040f
DRAM TIMING PARA2 = 0406050a
DRAM TIMING PARA3 = 0000400c
DRAM TIMING PARA4 = 05020405
DRAM TIMING PARA5 = 05050403
DRAM TIMING PARA8 = 90003310
DRAM VTC is disable
DRAM dynamic DQS/DQ ODT is on
NOW,the work mode register value is 004318e5
DRAM DQS gate is open.
DRAM two rank training is on,the value is 93003587
DRAM training error,PGSR0 = 9040005f
DRAM low 8  DQs information,DXnGSR = 02369a80
DRAM high 8 DQs information,DXnGSR = 02349b00
DRAM do not have two rank,NOW set one rank
DRAM recovery DQS gate mode 0
DRAM DQS gate is close.
DRAM work mode register value = 004318e4
set one rank ODTMAP
DRAM simple test OK.
dram size =512
card boot number = 0
card no is 0
sdcard 0 line count 4
[mmc]: mmc driver ver 2015-04-13 15:56:39

Is there something wrong? Thanks.

Hi @sinovoip,

I have been looking for a suitable display for my BPI-M2 Magic for days and I cannot find one anywhere, you only have the 7-inch one available on your store and that doesn’t seem to work with this board as its only the 40 pin connector.

Do you know when this 5-inch version will be available? I would really like the 5-inch one, if not do you know if there are any other boards which work with the M2 Magic?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Searching in Aliexpress for MIPI LCD panels give a lot of results, but cable types are different so it is useless information.

can anyone say which exact available models can fit this module? I see in the picture above that the module uses a mobile phone LCD, is it too hard to share which is it?
“this is our 5`0 LCD TP,” no it isnt, do you manufacture phone screens? which type is it of which mobile phone?? Please provide answers. Update: The LCD that is being used in the picture is the LCD of the Meetuu G7 mobile phone.

I am looking for a linux distro for this board. Is there a boot and linux kernel somewhere that would let me get my board at least up and running?

you can see here :