Banana pi BPI-M2+ (BPI-M2 plus) 3D design

BPI-M2+ DXF and 3D design

3D design front:

3D design back:

Download link:

BPI-M2+ DXF file download link:

BPI-M2 3D design file download link:

Nice, a barrel plug for DC-IN can be seen. Will you replace this with Micro USB when you start shipping the first production batches as it happened with Banana Pi M3?

You test internally with a sane DC-IN solution, then replace it with a pile of crap when production starts and your customers have to suffer from stability problems as it’s now the case with the M3?

we discuss it now. we now check Power IC ,and check all limited , when BPI-M3 boot. power IC limited to 1.5A, but when we set to 3A , all work fine, we need check and test more.

as you konw ,our hardware all have do Validation test . when we change hardware ,must gingerliness

@BPI_Justin @sinovoip

Testing - please attach a device to each port like:

  1. USB Harddisk (not SSD)
  2. USB-hub mouse and keyboard
  3. Ethernet
  4. active WiFi connection
  5. active Bluetooth
  6. HDMI
  7. OTG copy pictures from a Digital-Camera
  8. heatsink on the SoC
  9. run a benchmark with all cores

and now measure the consumption on the barrel plug (cut the cable and loop the power through a Multimeter if you have not a PowerSupply_with_display - Ampere - Volts). Please make a video of this scenario.

Thank you.

Edit: I forgot some connection, now added.

I make case :wink: Of course, if you would have the opportunity to receive sample would be cool

The power limitation at boot is well known since months. Why do you start now to explore this bug and not already months ago?

And what you’re talking about 3A is just ridiculous! You know that using Micro USB it’s not possible to provide more than 2A and you also know that many of your users complain about stability issues that are simply caused by them choosing USB cables with resistance too high that lead to freezes, crashes and all sorts of data corruption.

Do you REALLY want to let that happen again with the M2+? I can’t believe how you run your tests internally with a sane barrel plug and then exchange this with crap on the production batches. Why do you want to annoy your customers?

we now doing 10K BPI-M3, and will use DC port for power . we still test all , when use MICRO USB port, it can support 1.8A, so if user add USB hardisk or add other accessories, sometimes ,it will be reboot, so at this 10K , we will use DC port on board ,so power is enough, you can use 5V/3A power adapter , micro USB limited to 2A .