Banana Pi BPI-M2 A31S runs Debian 8 Jessie and LXDE


Where os image download link? This video runing Ubuntu with M2.

Ubuntu for BPI-M2 has updated.:slight_smile:

Each time the debian image is started, the ip address counts up by one. With this image it seems not possible to change the default keyboard settings. The new ubuntu image refuses ssh access. It starts uses a cpu speed of 120 MHz. Trying to build a minimal ubuntu image (kernel 3.3) give errors and terminates. On no image I have seen a access to cpu temperature. Could you give any lesson, how to build a minimal ubuntu image with kernel 4.1X ?

Next Problem: Compiling u-boot for Kernel 4.1.X:

/home/pi/Projekte/Develop/BananaPI-M2/BPI-Kernel4.1.X/u-boot-2015.07/arch/arm/dts/sun6i-a31s-bananapi-m2.dts:171.2-3 label or path, ‘mmc2_pins_a’, not found

Could you please define those mmc2_pins ?

please waiting ,we now development on 4.1.x kernel now.