Banana PI BPI-M1 camera video quality

Hello, I am using Banana PI M1+ with the official camera module, Android 4.2 (version 2.1 from downloads section). It seems that the video resolution is restricted to 640 x 480 pixels, while the OV5640 sensor should support higher resolutions. The video quality is pretty bad - is there a way to record at higher resolutions and better quality?

It is supposed to record at 1280x720p, not that the resolution is that good, it is definitely better. Are you looking at the camera input on the M1+ with the Android OS? Why not try the Linux image on the D1 and record it to a SD card or connect a WiFi module and connect to its WiFi network.

Yes I am using the camera with Android. Linux is not an option for me currently due to the limited features of the GPS navigation programs which run on Linux. My primary goal is to use BPI as car PC.

Hi zhiz z,

On Android, what is best fps camera module can reach when setting resolution HD720?