Banana Pi BPI-M1,BPI-M1+ Home Media Server Installer + Image

The Banana Pi BPI-M1 and Banana Pi M1+ are alternatives to the Raspberry Pi for a NAS home media server solution. Powered with SATA and gigabit, it has significant network throughput improvements compared to the Raspberry Pi and Pi 2 . I decided to make my new HTPC Media Server Installer compatible with the Banana Pi so setting up your own media server is much easier. This image is based on Igor’s build scripts, Armbian and microserver installer which greatly simplified the process of creating the HTPC Installer distro.

The current kernel version in this distro is 3.19.7 running Debian Wheezy because it has modular port multiplier support. The image hosted here does not support DVB tuners out of the box but it is being looked into.

Available Images

Wheezy with 3.19 Kernel – has SATA PMP support

Recommended: Jessie with Kernel 4.1.6 – with and without SATA PMP support

New: Jessie with Kernel 4.2.6 with SATA PMP support

how to install and inmage download link: