Banana Pi BPI-CM4 computer module with Amlogic A311D

Banana Pi BPI-CM4 is a computer module with Amlogic A311D, same size asm Raspberry Pi CM4 module ,and connect interface same as Raspberry Pi CM4 , you can use it as RasPi CM4.

  • High-performance Quad core ARM Cortex-A73 and dual core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU ,ARM G52 MP4(6EE) GPU
  • NPU for AI :Next generation, deep-neural-network applications, at 5.0 TOPS
  • More memory options (4GB), suitable for large data compilation
  • One display(HDMI) support at resolutions up to 4K (RasPi CM4 is dual display)
  • 16G eMMC flash (Max 128G)
  • Wifi5/Wifi6 wireless module option with on-board PCB antenna and external antenna for industrial applications
  • Designed with B to B connectors for enhanced stability same as RasPi CM4
  • One on-board Gigabit Ethernet design
  • One PCIe interface expansion, can flexibly add related modules

Module front and back:

for A311D chip PIN limited . just support 1 HDMI ,1 CSI and 1 DSI , Raspberry Pi support 2 HDMI ,2 CSI and 2 DSI , Other is Pin2Pin . you can use Raspberry Pi CM4 baseboard.

Compared to the raspberry PI CM4, the red symbol indicates unsupported, and the others are PIN2PIN

You can use the universal raspberry PI CM4 module expansion board

The BPI-CM4 computer module is exactly the same size as the raspberry PI CM4, and adopts the same interface:

Banana Pi BPI-CM4 Computer Module Datasheet

Banana Pi BPI-CM4 computer module public sale

BPI-CM4 module with IO base board:

Banana Pi BPI-CM4 with IO board

online documents:


Good to know that it is pin to pin compatible with cm4 but it would be good to first have decent device support upstream so the end users get good support for the device.

Send samples to the amlogic maintainers first.

Good luck

our M2S will public sale soon , you can help us to contact amlogic maintainers , we can send sample

Sure send it out to Neil,Christain and me :slight_smile:

I am still waiting for the other devices sample.

The kernel maintainers are Neil Armstrong, Kevin Hilman and (reviewer) Martin Blumenstingl. Their contacts are publicly available in kernel sources. I’m someone with an unhealthy passing interest in Amlogic upstream support and matters related to Kodi, but I am not a kernel maintainer. Furkhan is similarly not a kernel maintainer but he likes to see Manjaro run on everything :slight_smile:

NB: Sending board samples to maintainers supports the process of validating and accepting the code submissions you make to add support for your boards to the upstream kernel. It doesn’t meant they write free code to add support for your boards. Community developers are more likely to do that for you, but as SOM boards need a lot more skill and effort to test than self-contained boards like BPI-M5 this is (IMHO) best done by the manufacturer.


Really interested in samples! Want to use it with display/touch module carrier board

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Banana Pi BPI-CM4 Computer module sample ready



Banana Pi BPI-CM4 computer module with raspberry pi CM4 base board run android demo

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Banana Pi BPI-CM4 with 52Pi raspberry pi computer module base board run android demo, Test OK.


hi, where can I get samples of BPI-CM4 module?

please send mail to [email protected]

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when will this be released for purchasing?

Can someone give status update?

Banana Pi BPI-CM4 computer module Kit test android

Where can I find the Linux image(s) for the BPi-CM4? The link on the wiki only links to the flashing instructions.



UglyScale Present - Banana Pi BPI-CM4 :

can cm4 working with waveshare board like UPS board

It’s only partially supported, things like dual cameras, dual HDMI and screen are not supported on the A311D itself, we just support one cameras,one hdmi …

you can here is a demo: