Banana Pi BPI-CM4 computer module with Amlogic A311D

Banana Pi BPI-CM4 computer module public sale

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I bought the Blikvm Pcie card which requires a raspberry pi cm4. Does anybody has this card as well?

Could somebody test if this BPI-CM4 actually works on this Blikvm Pcie card?

And what about the software support? Can we just use the Pi-KVM image on this BPI-CM4??

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help/test and answer my questions!

EDIT: I bought the Banana PI CM4, let’s see if I can get it working with BliKVM…

Small heads-up: It wasn’t starting/booting with my 5V 2A adapter, so be sure you get at least a stable 3A adapter. I now bought a 5V 4A adapter from the brand Geekworm with USB-C, which now works flawlessly. It runs directly from my SD card.

Next step is how to get CM4 working with the BliKVM PCIe card.

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Question, im very new to sbc’s and i was wondering if you would be able to run batocera on the banana pi BPI-CM4?

cm4 use vim3 rootfs image for AI function demo

Link : pincode:wyvn

username and passwork: khadas/khadas, root/khadas

Banana Pi BPI-CM4 Computer Module Datasheet

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