Banana Pi BPI:bit test compass function with microPython

Banana Pi BPI:bit test compass function with microPython VS micro:bit


Could you give me the IDE to use to program in Python the BPI:bit. Do you have a documentation online off all the API in python. How to upload the Python file in the BPI:bit card? Thanks to be very precise with examples and screen shot. Your sincerely.


you can see here :


I search all the APIs usable in micropython and especially how to set the card in station mode or access point and how to send and receive data with another device connected to the IP network.

1.No API for buzer ? where is the API detail for buzer please ?

  1. I have test with IDE Mu. But here is the error when I press play. So there is an error with the sensor MPU9250. Is it an error with the firmware. DO you have a new firmware ? Where ?


1.4 version MPU9250 Error [Errno 19] ENODEV

from microbit import * while True: reading = accelerometer.get_x() print(reading)

NameError: name ‘accelerometer’ isn’t defined NameError: name ‘compass’ isn’t defined

3.No Api to set pixel with rgb color ? microbit.display.set_pixel(x, y, value) Set the brightness of the LED at column x and row y to value, which has to be an integer between 0 and 9.

  1. When I touche the Pin1 with the other hand on GND ou 3.3V, nothing working. It show always sad from microbit import * while True: if pin1.is_touched(): else:

5.I try import wifi # default enable wifi.try_connect() But nothing working ?

6.Could you give me API for send and received data on Wifi like

  1. Could you create API in python to use very simpli Wifi connextion like here Look at the part on-board-wifi

Thanks to help me very precisely. Regards.


In fact in eduction world, everybody use Mu IDE who is perfect. Pycharm is too heavy and complex for education, Mu is light.

Could you tell me how to know the firmware version ? What is the last firware version for BPIbit. Where to download, Who to flash step by step. Regards.