Banana PI BPI:bit STEAM education boards giveaway

BPI:bit an ESP32 with 32-bit Xtensa LX6 dual-core processor based embedded system. It supports Webduino, Arduino, MicroPython as well as Scratch X programming environments.

BPI:bit board is 5 cm x 5 cm in size, weighs 10 ~ 12 grams, it houses a 20-Pin edge connector, built-in lighting matrix with 25 programmable full-color LEDs , two photosensitive light sensors, two programmable buttons, an NTC resistor, a buzzer and a nine shaft sensor (triaxial acceleration Three-axis gyroscope and three-axis magnetic compass),

online Wiki page:

Board delivery object:

  1. ESP32 IDE development , can use BPI:bit do open source development
  2. Can help BPI:bit support Python,arduino IDE and others for open soruce.
  3. Review BPI:bit ,and share your video.
  4. STEAM education project ,design new cool kit for STEAM education.
  5. Student or teacher, dedicated to promoting STEAM education.

Application process:

  1. Please explain the relevant work you want to do in the post, preferably your relevant experience and work results in the open source project.(links and video are welcome)
  2. If we think it is appropriate, we will PM you for relevant address information and send it to the development board in time.
  3. After receiving the board and carrying out the work, share your work experience and results in banana Pi forum.
  4. Developers can apply for 1-2 tablets, and teachers can apply for 5-10 tablets.
  5. The BPI:bit hardware version sent is version 1.3.
  6. The freight charge is the responsibility of the applicant. If the community needs to pay the freight charge, a separate application must be made.


  1. This activity is a long-term activity.Your application is welcome at any time.
  2. The banana Pi team shall decide the activity.Not all applicants have access to free samples.
  3. If your application is not replied, please PM BBS administrator instead of duplicate application.

Hi. I’m interested in the BPi ESP 32. I would use it in upcoming Android (BPi M64) device. The light sensor will be used for auto-brightness. The magnetic compass would be used for offline compass in the device. The LED’s will be used for elegant backside look. LED’s will also be used for displaying time and date with charging status similar to a 7 segment display. Thank you!

How to received this microcontroller? …by the way i am a teacher… i teach computer engineering, IT and agricultural biosystem engineering for their automation subjects. in my automation subjects, i introduced arduino to my students. My students in agricultural and biosystem engg are now adopting the use of automation technology in their thesis. I have been using arduino for quite sometime now. This board will be a great to introduced to my ABE students since it has already the basic components that they need during experimentation in the laboratory. It has also great support since it uses Python and arduino IDE which is very popular today. I hope you gave me a chance to study this and be able to introduced this to our ABE students in their agricultural related projects. My email is [email protected]. Thank you

I’m Cody Creed. I’m a STEAM teacher in Canada. A class set of Banana PI BPI:bits would be great for my efforts to reach out and collaborate with students while they are staying home. I have been doing classroom robotics for 10 years and using the accessories associated with Microbit since I got my hands on one and Banana PI BPI:bit will work great on them with the form factor you have created. I’m comfortable with Python coding and accessing the sensors on your board. I have lead several PD days connecting these tools to STEAM concepts. The microbit falls short in its display. I will use the enhanced multicolor display to create “gamified” interactions with students. Specifically, students, guided online by myself, will use code to create a pixel game that uses the accelerometer to create active interactions of increasing intensity. I have been using a daily broadcast with YouTube to reach my students. My channel also highlights some of my “maker projects” with a variety of Microcontrollers. Here is a link to my channel:

I hope you give me a chance to create content that drives interest to your product!

I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks for considering my application, Cody Creed

Hi, i’m really interested in this giveaway, i’m make parte of a robotics team in Brazil and i’m the team leader of the teaching division, in this project we teach the Arduino platform for less fortunate students and also students from our University, last year we had more than 200 students. We have the goal to get more people interested in Technology an and try to get the =m to go to University. We want to expand to ESP32 platform but we don’t ha money to buy the boards, if we receive this donation, would be a great help, since the board habe a lot of components attached. We don’t receive a lot of support from our University, basically we pay a “membership” to help the group to buy components, please get in touch with me and i can send more information.

OK ,we can send 10 pcs board to you . please PM us your address .and just need payment shipping cost.

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OK ,we can send 3 pcs board to you . please PM us your address .and just need payment shipping cost.


I am teaching people from non-tech background (doctor, chemist etc) about programming and STEM education in Myanmar and also to high school kids. I’d like to request about 10 which is just nice for one class of 20 students. Thanks!

Best regards,


Hello! I’m from Parallax in Rocklin, California. We make the popular educational robot for the Micro:bit in the U.S. - the cyber:bot. We are interested in evaluting the BPI:bit.

This looks a neat little board. I am the editor in chief at micro:mag, very interested in up and coming tech for teaching kids. You can check out a lot of what I do at

I would love to get one of these boards to have a play with and write some educational resources as well as promoting it around the Scottish schools.

As well as all of this I would of course start off with a review of the board. This will probably be done as a blog post on my website but may be done through video as I am currently trying to get a YouTube channel up and running.

Thanks for your time RaspiKidd

Hello, I am a retired disabled former IT profession living with Alzheimer’s disease. I have begun to learn STEM at a elementary school level to help me keep my memory, cognition and executive functions as sharp as I can for as long as I can. I have been using the Micro:bit micro-controller and MakeCode to build small fun projects. Would you please consider gifting me with a Banana PI BPI:bit? Thank you, be safe. Thank you,

Jeff Borghoff, Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Hi, I already have a bpi:bit and a bpi:uno32. I really like these boards. Please check out my collection of projects:

I’d like to get another bpi:bit to use it in the classroom (I teach computing and maths).


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Hi , i am a 18 year old maker and i like to work with electronics and i also like to ride the bike. Because of the led matrix this module will be great as a back signal for my bike for people or my other friends to know what i inted to do. Because it had wifi , i could transmit the data directly to my friends and it will show onto a small lcd on his bike(like turn right , stop or custom text). I will also want to introduce a few of my friends to iot world and show them how to use a board like these, and finaly(after i master the board) , i will give the board free to another people to learn using it. Edit : i also saw that the module has a triaxial acceleration sensor , so i can know with what speed i ride the bike , and if i had a high risk to crash (take a corner with too much speed) the module can warn me

thank you for you do many cool work on BPI:bit . we can send 3 pcs free sample to you ,just PM shipping address to me .

@sinovoip I send you my address. Thank you :+1:t2:

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please PM me your mail address , we can send 5 pcs free sample to you ,you just need payment shipping cost

have send mail to you , will send free sample to you , you not need payment shipping cost ,all is free , please check your mail.Wish you good health

we can send 5 pcs free sample to you . pleas PM your mail address to me . so we can contact you for free sample. you just need payment shipping cost.

we can send 2 pcs free sample to you , you just need payment shipping cost. please PM your mail address to us ,


I’ve seen your post about the giveaway on the Micro:bit Facebook group.
I’m in charge of a local CoderDojo, a coding club for kids. Every month 30 kids are present during our sessions. More and more want to play with hardware, currently we have some Micro:bits, however the BPI:bit could be a good opportunity for them to learn and create new things. So, it could be nice to have some samples to allow more kids to experiment with hardware.

Thank you