Banana PI BPI:bit STEAM education boards giveaway


I’ve seen your post about the giveaway on the Micro:bit Facebook group. I’m in charge of a volenter club , we trying to learn the kids do some programming and how much fun it is. We have Some Micro:bits, however the BPI:bit could be a good opportunity for them to learn and create new things. So, it could be nice to have some samples to allow kids to experiment with the devices.

Br Hennie

Hello everyone,

This giveaway was shared in a maker group in Taiwan where I live. I am a STEM teacher in Taipei, teaching kids from 7 to 12 years old. I teach Micro:bit (using Makecode), App Inventor, Cospaces, Minecraft Modding and Python. I am pushing my school to start an IOT class, we have an Arduino curriculum but there is no communication in it. Being able to use WiFi would be perfect.

Thanks Guillaume

Hi, I am 36 year old Maker. My health condition don’t allow going to work -so I have to spend my time with inventing things. I am interested in (and building) little Robots which ‘sense’ their environment and follow distinct parameters. I constructed a automatic Pet-fountain and I also plan building things like a WiFi controlled cat snack “turret” / food dispenser. My second favourite thing is music making. I have made a Synthesizer out of an Arduino and going to build a step sequencer for it. But I was also dreaming of a midi controller which uses different sensor Variables to change MIDI values (Accelerometer/Lightsensor/Temperature and even magnetic orientation could be used) So it could be possible to control left/right mix of Channels by pointing in different directions or changing FX parameters like Echoe amount by blewing warm air onto the temp-sensor… etc. With 2 of them you could use 1 tied to each Hand to have control over at least 12 different parameters - a new kind of intuitive-immersive Controller with 12 degrees of freedom… If you like the idea -let me know!

(By the way - In the future i really want to work with SonicPi on a Pi based platform -if you would have any suggestion which type of your boards would be best / or when you have the possibility to give away some of them too :grin:)

Thanks -stay healthy!

Thank you so much! I look forward to using creating and blogging about PPI:bit

please PM your mail and shipping address to me .

please PM your mail and shipping address to me .

please PM your mail and shipping address to me .

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please PM your mail and shipping address to me .


my mail : [email protected]

Shipping adres :

H.Wolters Armstrongerf 14 6074 EP The Netherlands

Hello everyone, I was wondering if the boards had been sent ? Have you received yours ? I planned to organize a summercamp around it but I have no news.


No I did not get the boards yet!!

I did not received the boards yet !

I did not received the boards yet

I feel like it was just a fake giveaway, just to promote the board. The board itself looks interesting, but because of @sinovoip behaviour, I can’t recommend it to my school. We need to trust our suppliers… Too bad.

Got my give-a-way BPI:bit this week after 10 months :grinning: It’s v1.2 and there is a newer v1.4. Does anyone know the differences?