Banana pi 3m Screen Problem

Hi, I have a problem with my Banana pi 3m. The problem is, when connecting my screen Waveshare 7 hinch, does not give an image. The screen works perfectly with other devices. Anyone know what can it be? Thank you! My banana pi 3m it´s working with android 5.1 now.

Link for view the screen:

White Screen? Try: Download lsomchai’s Script.bin from here and change it with the script.bin from folder: bpi-boot\bananapi\bpi-m3\linux\script.bin

or you can convert the script.bin with some tools to find in this forum to script.fex and change the hdmi_cts_compatibility from 0 to 1

I use the 7 Inch waveshare display. Sometimes when pi won’t boot, I have to disconnect waveshare USB for a second.