Banana m64 / waveshare 3.5 clone

hello !!

for the past 2 weeks ive been trying to make my 3.5 tft screen work with my m64. ive tried with various kernel version ranging from 4.14 to 5.x. multiple distro… armbian… raspian… original image found here… ive tryed various solution i could find on the internet. using dts… modifying dts… using fbtft_device on older kernel… nothing could bring the screen alive. i keeps staying white. the screen itself is working perfectly, when i hook it up to my raspberry pi zero, i run the lcd-show for the waveshare3.5 lcd35b.

ive even tried to modify thenraspberry pi dts without any success.

so as a last ditch effort, im trying here before i pull out all my remaining hair!

the closest ive come to making it work is using a ili9341 dtbo, and in the dmesg i saw log regarding the screen: spi0.0 fbtft_display write_vmem failed to update spi transfet failed -110.

anyone got a clue to fix my issue?

hoo and bte… my endgoal is to use the m64 as a klipper controller for my 3d printer. thats whi i need the tft display to work.

it worked in the end? if yes please tell me how to connect 3.5 lcd through SPI on bpi m64?