Banana-m64 android device is in suspend state

I am not able to wake up android device banan m64 by pressing PMU power key button from deep sleep state, normal sleep and wakeup working fine with power button,

[ 725.742612] adb_release [ 725.750665] adb_open [ 725.753120] mtp_bind_config [ 725.757789] adb_bind_config [ 725.762217] mtp_release [ 725.766326] android_work: sent uevent USB_STATE=DISCONNECTED [ 725.775286] android_work: did not send uevent (0 0 (null)) [ 726.749319] PM: suspend entry 2010-01-01 00:13:14.577409803 UTC [ 726.801595] [pm]valid [ 726.804122] Notice: sun9i & sun8iw5 & sun50i not need support normal standby, change to super standby. [ 726.850276] PM: Syncing filesystems … done. [ 726.905328] PM: Preparing system for mem sleep [ 726.919479] Freezing user space processes … [ 726.925888] last active wakeup source: eventpoll [ 726.931637] [ 726.933256] Freezing of tasks aborted after 0.007 seconds [ 726.939174] Restarting tasks … done. [ 726.946964] PM: suspend exit 2010-01-

Is there anything need to configure in kernel to make axp power button interrupt as wake able source interrupt??

can anyone please provide input here as i am not able to wake up the device from deep sleep state??

ARISC firmware loaded successfully in kernel , pfb for logs in both kernel and u-boot.


[ 1.144]set arisc reset to de-assert state [ 1.248][ARISC] :arisc initialize [ 1.275][ARISC] :arisc para ok [SCP] :sunxi-arisc driver begin startup 2 [SCP] :arisc version: [v0.2.17.1] [SCP] :sunxi-arisc driver v1.10 is starting [ 1.288][ARISC] :sunxi-arisc driver startup succeeded


bpi-m64-lcd5:/sys/devices/soc.0/arisc.2 # dmesg | grep arisc
[ 0.342420] [ARISC] :sunxi-arisc driver v1.10 [ 0.360645] [ARISC] :sunxi-arisc driver v1.10 startup succeeded

but i can see that in kernel none ldo on during stand by.

bpi-m64-lcd5:/sys/devices/soc.0/arisc.2 # cat sst_power_real_info
power info: enable 0x0 regs 0x0 power consume 0mw these power on during standby: axp:(null) these power off during standby: axp:dc5ldo,dcdc1,dcdc2,dcdc3,dcdc4,dcdc5,aldo1,aldo2,eldo1,eldo2,eldo3,dldo1,dldo2,dldo3,dldo4,dc1sw,aldo3,io0ldo,io1ldo

Could you please suggest any way to fix this issue??

I dont find any dram refresh parameters in dtsi file.

still i am not able to bring up the device from suspend state. any idea?? Your help will be really appreciated. sunxi-banana-image-a64-dev-working-hdmi (1).dts (91.2 KB)

is anyone able to bring banana m64 board from deep sleep state by pressing power key button in android(

any one come across this issue?? any pointer will really help.

Please let me know