Banana m4- how to install a iso os?

hey, i am using a banana m4. i want to use a different os than my currnet one, ubuntu 18.04. i actually wanted to install a lighter linux distro, possibly lubuntu 20.04 or linux mint. i am having problems installing it. those are usually .iso files and not .img files on wiki bananapi m4 these operating systems are not suggested and i could not find instructions to install those. did anyone here ever do it/knows how to? basically how to install a .iso os on banana?

If you want to install Linux X, why don’t you check their download pages? In custom hardware world you can’t pick what you want, but what is available.

That’s not strickly true, there is always the option of taking one of the headless images available / debian or ubuntu then installing the components of the os that your after, take for instance my m4, it’s gone from buster to bullseye to bunsenlabs, and works well, I also see remnants of armbian within it’s underlying OS, so it’s a bit of a Frankenstein build, Ideally I would like to be running a more recent Kernel, one that also enables the GPU, but that’s beyond my capabilities, hopefully one of the nice people at armbian will get round to supporting this cheap board, although I do understand they tend to prefer mainstream boards, purhaps this could be someone’s pet project. I don’t expect exponential improvements with graphics if the gpu hardware is enabled, but it would be nice to take some of the load of the CPU which is currently having to do all the rendering, making it almost impossible to watch anything fullscreen without playback issues. It would have been nice if this had been enabled in the stock kernel by senovoip, but for some reason it’s been disabled, I’ve tried to recompile the kernel with this enabled but it’s seems this may not be possible without compiling from the upstream kernel. It’s funny there is a duneHD box that uses this processor running a flavour of android that appears to have GPU enabled, but it’s propitiatory software.