Banana M3 does not show up in netscan // is there a CONTRL LED/ how tofind the error?

Hi all,

I bought a new Banana PI M3. I was “flashing” Bananian as well as Raspbian for Banana on my SD. After inserting the SD into the Banana an connecting power I was expecting to see the Banana in Netscan. But Nothing :Nothing :

How can I detect what I am I doing wrong or maybe the Banana has an error? Is there a LED on the banana which indicates, that the Banana was booting?

Many Thanks Regards Mario

Now flash this and it will work.

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Hi Igor,

thanks. Now it is working. Why did I have to use Armbian? Why are the others not working?

Regards Mario

Hi all,

installed - as Igor recommended - Armbian. I now wanted to connect to wi-fi. According to chapter: How to connect to wireless? I used nmtui-connect SSID Then I see a “PopUp” --> No such connection ‘SSID’ What does that mean? Does the Banana M3 not have an onboard wireless adapter?

Regards Mario

Don’t know.

Even Armbian support for this board is not on the plug and play level. Only test images without (expensive) end-user support exists for now. Hard to tell what the future will bring. Just don’t expect that everything is working, but image should be good enough to cover some cases.

It is possible that onboard wireless is not enabled yet … but if you are experiences, sources are out there, build tool is working …

Hi Igor,

me again. How do I connect to the WiFi? Unfortunatelly it is not possible to upload a screenshot.

As I wrote above:

I used nmtui-connect SSID. Then I see a blue “PopUp” --> No such connection ‘SSID’ What does that mean? Does the Banana M3 not have an onboard wireless adapter?

Could you please help me? Regards Mario

Hallo Mario

Es gibt da was brandneues: das findet antworten zu Fragen im Internet. Kennst du google? Wenn du Google noch nicht kennst, probier mal das Wiki von BPi

Hallo Tido,

danke. Google habe ich heute zum ersten Mal gehört. Danke für den heißen Tip. Mein Problem ist, dass ich nicht mal so weit komme, dass mir nach dem Booten ein Desktop angezeigt wird. Ich habe schon viel gegoogled; bekomme es aber leider nicht hin. Ich bin komplett unbeleckt im Linux Umfeld. Da darf es sicherlich erlaubt sein, auch mal eine dumme Frage zu stellen. Vielen Dank für Dein Verständnis… Grüße Mario

Hallo Mario, du hast aber eine Hardwarefrage gestellt, sonst hätte ich nicht so geantwortet.

Wenn HDMI nicht geht, kennst du SSH oder Putty ?

Hallo Tido,

the Banana bootet now for the first time. When I now reboot, I get a prompt to login with the created user and PW. Then nothing happens. What do I have to do to get a desktop?

In German: der Banana PI hat nun zum ersten Mal gebootet. Es wurde mir ein User angelegt. wenn ich nun den Banana PI erneut startet, kann ich mich mit User und PW einloggen. Dann bleibt aber der Eingabeprompt in der Konsole stehen. Was muss ich denn nun um einen Desktop zu bekommen?

Thanks Regards Mario

I suggest you follow his journey by reading first from here to the end, it is not much and will save you time! Refresh the link on your webbrowser, Firefox only jumps on the second click to the right post: