Banan pi BPI-M64 for Linux kernel 4.4 development

banan pi BPI-M64 for Linux kernel 4.4 development

BPI-M64 run Linux 4.4 kernel with docker newest version 18.03.0-ce


we have got linux 4.4 kernel BSP from allwinner , and cowork with allinwnner with Linux 4.4 kernel development . and we have update 4.4 BSP on github.

when we fixed some issue , will public BSP on github.

test debian linux with kernel 4.4 on BPI-M64


GPU running :slight_smile:


Wireless driver for TP LINK usb sticks are not available for current BPI-M64 KERNEL 3.10.X. says TPLINK(TP-LINK TL-WN725N ) device detect by default, which is not in my case.

Will this new BSP with kernel 4.4 will detect TP Link wireless drivers ?

Can you make it public so that I can start the testing and meanwhile you can push the fixes to it ?

Regards, Kiran.

yes, we try to let all boards support 4.4 kernel . but need some time .

Any updates on support of 4.4 kernel on all boards ?