AVS DEV KIT - Setting DSP parameters


I’m expecting my BPI-R18-AVS DEV KIT soon and already know I will need to change the DSP settings for the TAS5731M.

The TAS has an I2C interface for doing just this. What is the intended method for adjusting the DSP? The way I see it I could:

1.) Hack into the I2C line on the board and push the desired writes with the appropriate i2c bus tool (Total Phase Aardvark). The schematic shows SDA/SCL going straight back to the R18… though it appears to connect to the captive touch header??? So access is unclear

2.) Find and edit the appropriate build files which instruct the R18 to write out the DSP i2c configuration on startup. I have downloaded the Tina_v3.0 source files (all 4GB) and have not been able to find out where this information lives… or even to identify the correct sub folders pertaining to the R18 AVS KIT target configuration

I’m not apposed to either option above… or perhaps a third more effective approach?

Any guidance would be appreciated