Audio Jack On Armbian not working

dear all, i have a bananpi m64, Armbian image, there is no Audio Codec to configure the 3.5 jack audio on alsamixer. there is only the sun50i-a64-audio which is not useful for audio jack. i need it on armbian. on other images it works, i mean there is Audio Codec. but on armbian there is no Audio codec to make the necessary configuration so the audio jack works. is there any solution on the armbian?

Try to search / ask on Armbian forum. Its probably DT / Alsa misconfiguration.

i will ask right now on armbian, but there is nothing to configure on alsamixer because the “Audio Codec” card is not installed on the image.this the main problem, all the other images have “Audio Codec” but the armbian does not have it. There is only sun50i-a64-audio and sun9i-hdmi, but no “Audio Codec”